Next Wave of Corporate Compliance Scam Begin to emerge

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Seems as soon as one scam tails off, another one takes its place. After the Business Filings Division scam letter made the rounds last month, a new one has hit the mailbox. This time, it’s a Disclosure Statement coming from the “Board of Business Center.”

It’s a different form, but the same story. This time, the form looks a little more like the official version, but the clues are still there. There’s a reference at the top to Shareholders and Directors. That’s incorrect. You are not required to report shareholder information in California. And, of course, there’s the fact that LLC’s don’t HAVE Shareholders or Directors … but I digress.

The form has a “due immediately” notification. It asks you to send in $175 to an address in Los Angeles. Physically it resembles a statement of information, at least superficially. But the small print at the bottom does eventually get to the part where it tells you the form hasn’t been endorsed by a government agency, is not being made on behalf of the government and it’s a salutation (well, hello yourself!) for the order of service.

If you receive a notice like this and are curious about what a real Statement of Information form looks like, follow this link to see the official form.

So far we’ve had almost 50 people write to us and tell us they avoided being scammed. Hopefully we can continue to get the truth out there!

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