Nexus Strategies to Pay Less Tax

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I recently heard from a couple who lived in Virginia. They make all of their income off of the internet, selling some of their own products but mainly acting as affiliate marketers. That means that they put up websites and drive traffic to those websites. The websites have some kind of compelling information that makes people like what they see and there are also ads on the pages that people can click on to buy products. For everyone who buys, this couple gets paid a commission. They are considered an affiliate marketer for many companies.

They have lived in Virginia for the past few years and because they didn’t actually ship products or work in other states, they didn’t think they would ever have a nexus issue.

Then they got a notice from another state. It was a State Nexus Questionnaire and along with it was a pretty aggressive letter that basically said, “Hey, we know you really are making money in our state and we want our piece of the tax you pay!” This other state was North Carolina. Apparently, his mother lived in North Carolina and he had his name listed on the title of her house. This was done for estate planning. He didn’t live in North Carolina and in fact, hadn’t lived at home for years.

But North Carolina tracked him down and now he had to prove he didn’t work in North Carolina. Since his work was all from his home office, it wasn’t easy to prove where he really was. After numerous phone calls, and letters, he got it resolved…at least we hope so.

If North Carolina had been successful in proving that he did indeed spend some of his time there and that he worked there, they may have hit him up for sales tax nexus and even income tax nexus.

That’s a real life example and that’s what is happening right now. The smallest thing can trigger a nexus issue.
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  1. Thomas says:

    this is truly “messed up”. NOT A FAN of what states are doing.

    That said, I’m glad you’re on top of this.

    I know a LOT of people around me that REALLY REALLY need to know this.

    So interesting that this is not part of current conversation in business circles. And here we have story after story of businesses being shut down, seized, whatever.

  2. Megan Hughes says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Diane and I have been wondering the same thing. I think it may be because so many small business owners figure they can fly under the radar – all the news reports have to do with Amazon and the big boys. But I think these big cases are practice on getting the system dialed in. Once state tax collectors have figured what they can and can’t do, they’ll be coming after everyone else.

  3. Diane Kennedy says:

    Right now the states are targetting big companies – Amazon, etc – and so smaller businesses either aren’t aware or think it doesn’t effect them.

    Plus there is this feeling that the Internet is anonymous. You can hide. But it’s not true.

    Rhode Island shut down 1200 businesses. Arizona has just sent out a crazy nexus questionnaire that basically says you have nexus if we decide you have nexus. This is about to get very ugly.

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