Not Filing For a Couple of Years Leads to Jail Sentence

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We talk to people every week who have gotten behind in their tax filings. And once you get behind with one year, it becomes two years and before you know it, you’re years behind. And you’re afraid to file because it will open up a whole can of worms.

The IRS just raised the stakes, though. It used to be that you had to worry about penalties and interest if you didn’t file. That was bad enough.

But the IRS is now imposing jail terms for people who get behind on tax filings. If you haven’t filed, we can help. Get hold of us right away and let us help you get caught up and negotiate on the penalties and interest. It’s definitely better to voluntarily file than to have the IRS track you down and force you to file.

Here’s more information on the recent case regarding a non-filer who is now looking at jail:


  1. Diane Kennedy says:

    Thank you for post Bobby. My suggestion is that you get in touch with a CPA right away to help you. Your situation is unique and so it’s difficult to advise you in a simple blog comment.

    I am going to handle a couple of your questions in blogs this next week because I think you brought up some very points that could relate to a lot of people.

    If you don’t currently have a CPA that you are working with, you can give Richard a call at 888-592-4769.

  2. Bobby Brown says:

    Hi Diane
    I used to help you and Richard when you were in the Peter Conti/David Finkel seminat circuit in 2000-2003. I got to know Richard pretty well while you were on stage.

    I’ve got a problem. I am now disabled with no income. I got hurt pretty bad evacuating from hurricane Katrina in 2005. My wife almost died a year later, then I had 2 heart attacks in 2009.

    We have not filed our losses from the hurricane and don’t know how to carry those losses forward.
    My wife worked for the last 2 years, but she has been unemployed for the last 4 months.

    We’re in trouble financially, but we have a few thousand dollars coming back to us from a failed work attempt in 2010. We’re running out of time to get that back.

    I need your help. If you can get me on the right track carrying the loss forward from 2006, I can do the rest. I just have no idea how to valuate the two businesses we had to close.

    My company made $175,000 working for MFG and I soent most of that trying to build my own call center. The building was destroyed and I lost everything. My wife owned a staffing firm and was closs to $1M gross. Her profit was her income around $52k. The storm blew out the windows of her building and we had to close it. We lost most of our records in the storm, but how do you valuate the 2 lost businesses, and how can we find out what has been reported to the IRS on our SS#s since 2005?

    I know you are very busy and I hate to bother you asking for help, but since you put out this article, I figured you had some slack time.

    I am also in a time crunch because I’m about to lose my VA Benefits. The VA says we made too much money last year to get their medical services. I’ll die without their help. I would have already been dead without their assistance so I have less than 60 days to get all of theis cleared up.

    Please help

    Bobby Brown

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