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Have you ever had a clear vision of something you wanted, planned and just barely hoped for – then had it come true? That’s how I feel right now, the night after the first day of Diane’s Mastermind. (And yes, that is someone walking on broken glass – more about that later.) My vision of a mastermind is that it’s about networking in a positive, structured way that is designed to bring out the best in each person.

Set it up and run it right and then, just as Napoleon first penned in “Think and Grow Rich”, the ‘master mind’, an actual 3rd mind, appears. There is true synergy and the ideas, commitments and breakthroughs come lightning fast.

Everyone in the room was an entrepreneur and they all went through what everyone else did in 2008 – some had investments that tanked, businesses closed, some maintained and even others had businesses in niche markets that exploded with growth. Every single person was beyond that though, and ready to move to the next great success. That’s because they had had success (even if they didn’t really realize it at the time) and building on that foundation, discovered the key elements of what had worked and more importantly, what basic needs had been fulfilled.

I think the most exciting part (well, up until the incredible conclusion) was when we started consciously planning the next 90 days by looking at taking the elements of our greatest past success to replicate in other areas, including building 2 completely different models – for each side of the Information Age graph. Whew! That was a big sentence. Let me break it down. One of the challenges that business owners are facing today is that the same old Bell Curve doesn’t work in business anymore. It used to be if I had three services: $1500, $2500 and $3500 I could count on selling the most of the middle. Not anymore.

Now there are actually two separate bell curves, with a valley in the middle. The market has split into a bi-model graph. At one end, the left side, are people who want almost free. They are motivated by concerns about scarcity and the deal is most important to them. On the other end are people who want customized and individualized. The cost doesn’t matter because they live in abundance. As long as there is value, they’re happy to pay. The breakthrough was discovering that the thing you do best best and that you love doing can be set up to make money on both sides of the graph. Suddenly your business just exploded with possibilities!

And the contacts. Wow. I was just handed an idea that I’ll have implemented within 6 months that should gross somewhere between $720,000 – $3,000,000 per year within 3 years. Not only that, the masterminder who had the idea already had the database who wanted this new product. She’d help me sell it. I just had to deliver it.

As you look toward your bright future, you might run into one big problem – past regrets. We ended with an exercise that might make you gasp, it did a lot of participants. What was that exercise? We walked on broken glass. Yes, we did it with bare feet. There’s no trick. The glass really is broken and there is a real danger of injury. Yet everyone walked through safely because we did it in a very heightened state of awareness and presence. It was the absolute apex of presence. You can’t do it and worry about the past or the future. The only way to walk on broken glass is to be very present. And the only way to create amazing results in the economic noise we have today is to be very present.

It was a long day – 11 hours. But I know there was a tired sense of fulfillment for the day. We’d accomplished a lot and now, Saturday, we play. There’s still some learning and networking, but we’re going to be outside doing some fun activities in the beautiful San Diego weather.

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