Our Seminar Challenge: Make $1m in 2 years or less!

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Richard and I are taking a little time off in San Diego before my big seminar later this week. We ended up changing the seminar to include a separate part on our new personal challenge “How to Make a Million Dollars in Two Years or Less Using Business Assets You Didn’t Know You Had.” The response has been huge! But it’s creating a bit of a challenge for the seminar. Half the people are coming for advanced tax strategies – which I’m excited to disclose for the first time ever at one of my seminars! The other half want to learn how to create Multiple Streams of Passive Income (MSPI). So, it’s two seminars in one!

Even better the creation of Multiple Streams of Passive Income is something we’re learning together. I know how to create a million dollars a year from business assets, because that’s what I’ve done with Tax Loopholes. But, it took me 7 years to get here. Can we hit a total of a million dollars in two years? That’s the challenge.

I don’t have the play by play book written for this. That’s why this is a beta test. Together we’ll learn, encourage each other and create the path that others will eventually follow. We all get to experience being part of a groundbreaking movement that I think quite possibly will be the “next big thing.”

All this talk about creating new ideas has gotten my son going. He bought a couple of domain names and is working busily at creating some passive income of his own. Oh, and he called me here in San Diego to tell me he decided to move to Spain when he’s 18 so he can earn money in Euros and spend it in Dollars. It’s a rough version of currency trading and he’s worked in why he needs to buy a Vespa at the same time. I think the Vespa might be the main goal.

It got me thinking about the dreams we have as kids and how, for some of us, those dreams get crowded out. This all ties into the new MSPI project as well. Together we’ll be talking about our dreams for new ventures. Some will work, some will not. We need the support system for when it doesn’t work and a support system for the “What now?” when it works out better than we ever dreamed. Finding people with whom you can share the wins and losses and even more importantly, that you can trust your dreams with, is rare.

The seminar and the new beta group is one demonstration of a special kind of mastermind that we’re creating. It’s the mastermind with a single purpose, but many variations of a theme where no ideas are bad, just some are more relevant and practical than others. And, it’s a place where no dream is small or unimportant. If you’re interested in attending this seminar, there may be one or two spots still left. You’ll need to Contact Us. Don’t wait – it starts 3/7!


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