Pushing the Envelope with a Series LLC

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It’s not that hard to push the envelope with a Series LLC. That’s because it’s still relatively new (13 years), has good case law behind it so far and it’s designed to be flexible.

Let’s look at some of the things that are all possible with a Series LLC:

You can set up a cell with a different tax structure. So, the main LLC might be taxed as a partnership but one cell is an S Corporation and another is a C Corporation.

You can set up cells with different ownerships. This could make the Series LLC a great estate planning tool as you gift ownership shares to heirs through different cells.

You can set up cells with different year ends (assuming the cells have elected C Corporation tax treatment or otherwise qualify for a different year end).

The Series LLC gives you a lot of possibilities and in today’s uncertain financial world, that can be the best thing to have.

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