The 30-Day Countdown Begins! Welcome to Wealth Tip of the Day

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Hi this is Diane Kennedy. I’ve got to tell you, I’m really excited about my new book called The Maui Millionaires™ that I co-wrote the book with David Finkel. It’s an in-depth look at what goes on at Maui Mastermind™ the world’s most exclusive wealth retreat™. Over the next 30 days leading up to the book’s official launch I’ll be sharing exciting tips from the book with you. I’ll have a new tip for you every day, so make sure to check back regularly to see what you can expect from The Maui Millionaires™.

Read on for today’s wealth tip …

Wealth Tip 1: The Single Greatest Leverage Point You Have in Your Wealth Building is Your Wealth Operating System™.

Each of us has an internal program we run about money, wealth, and our ability to earn and enjoy it. We call this your Wealth Operating System™ or W.O.S. for short.

Your W.O.S. is the sum total of your emotional associations to and beliefs about money, wealth, rich people, and your ability to be one of them. Each of us was programmed in with a default setting for our W.O.S. through childhood influences like our parents, our extended family and friends, our teachers, the media, and our culture as a whole.

In order for you to step up to all the wealth that is waiting for you one of the most important steps you must take, if not the most important step, is to work to upgrade your W.O.S.

How will this impact you? Well take the example of John, a two time participant at Maui Mastermind™, an ultra-exclusive, five day wealth retreat we hold for a small handful of our elite clients. When John first came to Maui he had been investing in single family homes in San Diego for about 5 years. Over that time he had made hundreds of thousands of dollars buying homes, renting homes, and reselling homes. But he had dreamed of stepping up to investing in commercial real estate like apartment buildings for over 3 years but just hadn’t been able to make that jump. Within 3 months of going home from Maui John had closed on two apartment buildings! What was different? Didn’t deals like that exist before John went to Maui? Of course they did, but the difference was that after Maui John was finally able to see the deals that he had previously walked right past.

Your W.O.S. literally determines the opportunities and options that you have to create wealth. By upgrading your W.O.S. you are able to make creating wealth easy and automatic. I know this sounds like a big statement, but in my experience creating wealth and teaching hundreds of other people how to create wealth it is absolutely and irrefutably true.

For more on your Wealth Operating System™ including a 5 step system for upgrading it see, The Maui Millionaires™ pp. 19-78.

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