The Best Part of an LLC is a Series LLC

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The Series LLC has been around long enough that it’s starting to get some case law to help define what works and what doesn’t. The results are astounding. If you’re a serial entrepreneur, or maybe a better definition is a multi-entrepreneur, like I am and if you’re concerned like I am about asset protection, especially now, then this is the entity for you.

Here are just 3 of the strategies that we’ve used for our USTaxAid Services clients with the Series LLC:

  • Affiliate Marketer Has Problem With Getting Shut Down.
    There is a big problem in affiliate marketing right now of too much success. The Internet is as close as we get in the wealth market to infinite and that means when you find the right market, the right offer, the right ad and the right traffic price, you can ramp up for 600%+ annual ROI to make as much money as you want. But it also means that companies get frightened with the volume you’re selling for them, or they get greedy that you’re making so much money or whatever boardroom philosophy they have that means they must cut off their most successful salesman. And that’s what they do. Cut off the successful Affiliate Marketers. You’re just a number to them anyway. And that number is the EIN on your business entity. With a Series LLC, you can be back and up and running in 2 hours or less AT NO EXTRA COST!

  • Multiple Properties Means Multiple Fees Until The Series LLC
    Combine the Series LLC with the Trust Sandwich™ and you have a powerful force. One of the challenges I’ve faced is designing the perfect tax strategy program in combination with a solid asset protection plan, and then trying to put a sense of reality into it as well. I want you to put every single property and item of value in its very own LLC to protect it. But, the filing costs can be staggering. Now with the Series LLC, you can actually form separate cells for each item for no additional state charges!

  • New Biz Op That May or May Not Work Out.
    You’re in the talking stages of a new venture and you’d like to test the waters first before you move into a full blown partnership. That’s smart business but really stupid when it comes to asset protection. That little “test the waters” really is a business activity and if you’re involved with someone else you need to protect yourself. You need to be protected against something that could happen with the business, something that could happen with you personally that affects the business, something that happens with your partner that could affect the business and you need to protect yourself from any actions your partner may take (including suing you).
    You need a good business structure and you need it fast. But you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that is just a test. If that sounds like you, then you need a Series LLC in your back pocket so that you can quickly, easily and seamlessly get a new venture going.

The LLC is a powerful tool. Learn how to use it, and all the other business structures available today. In today’s world you need more than one tool to protect your wealth.

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