The One Sure Way to Put IMMEDIATE Cash In Your Pocket

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Thank you to the 750+ people who said they were willing to step up and take massive action to change their financial future. The first step is the teleseminar on September 27, 2008. I’ve identified at least 5 strategies that every single person could take advantage of before the end of the year to put immediate money in their pocket within a week.

Now, here’s the problem. There were only 200 spots available, so over 500 people had to be told (within 2 hours of sending the email) that the spots were all filled.

We are recording the teleseminar and will offer it to you within the next week. I’m also thinking about doing more of these type of teleseminars. We had 650 people who wanted to be part of the “How to Increase Your Business by 20% or More GUARANTEED” teleseminar. Face it. Business owners are resourceful and that’s what you’re looking for when you come to TaxLoopholes and DKTaxServices. You need resources, not more hype.

Okay, I’m off that soapbox and on to the next one. If you’ve been part of the TaxLoopholes Community for awhile, I can bet you know what I’m about to talk about just by reading the subject line of this email.

The One Sure Way to Put IMMEDIATE Cash In Your Pocket

There is one sure way to put money in your pocket: Pay less in taxes! There are three approaches to tax planning:

(1) Ignore tax planning. Let the government take their money first and you figure out how to get by with what’s left. And, with credit crunches, shock market meltdowns (that’s not a typo), gas prices up a dollar or so from last year and rolling into winter, it’s not sure how far the money will go.

Cost to You: Figure 20% or more in extra taxes. If you currently pay $10,000 in taxes, you could be paying $8,000 or less, just by having someone pay attention to how you file your tax returns. (Even more savings if you skip to #3 below)

Long Term Prediction: Little or no retirement savings. Rising costs. Work forever.

(2) After-the-fact tax planning. That’s what you get when you seek out a good tax preparer after year end. And, that’s probably where most taxpayers look for the tax savings. I get it all the time this time of year, “Can you look at my 2007 tax returns that need to be filed by October 15th? This can’t be right!” Lately I’ve found some pretty big errors and saved clients an average of over $20,000 each just be correctly preparing the returns.

In those cases, though, it wasn’t because I had great strategies. It’s because whoever did the returns made some pretty big errors. I’ve been doing this for over 25 years and in that time, I’ve learned a lot about tax strategies and tax return preparation.

Cost to You: Figure 30% – 50% in extra taxes. So, if you pay $30,000 in taxes, you’d pay $15,000 LESS with some advance planning.

Long Term Prediction: You’ll pay less than your friends, if you have a good tax preparer. But, you’ll always pay more than the rich do!

Make 2008 Your Best Tax Year Ever

I’m going to come back to the third, and most powerful, strategy to put immediate cash in your pocket with less tax in just a minute. First, I want to give you a on-of-a-kind offer.

I’m concerned about our country right now. I’m worried about the financial markets both here and around the world. You might know that I’ve been very involved with supporting and reforming systems that support the most disadvantaged people of Mexico – the orphaned and abandoned children. I’m afraid it’s going to get tougher for the average American here. And whatever happens here is magnified in the lives of the poor in Mexico. I was there when an orphanage in Juarez with 30 young girls (age 11 – 16) who had formerly been street prostitutes ran out of food for three days. They live very hand to mouth, depending on contributions from Americans. So, when times are tough here, they are even tougher in Mexico.

I want to do what I can to change that. In the next few months, I hope we can roll out some new programs to help some of the poorest people in the US and Mexico through these tough times. Right now, though, I want to do something to help you if you feel you’ve been paying too much in taxes. That’s because I know the more people have, the more they can give.

If you think you have been paying too much in taxes, chances are you have. In fact, given enough prior planning, you don’t have to pay a dime ever again. And, it’s all perfectly legal. It’s going to take two things to make that happen: You’re going to need a comprehensive and customized tax strategy, year-round tax consulting and a properly prepared tax return. And, you are going to have to learn the Language of Tax. There are a lot of things changing right now. The IRS is on the attack against Real Estate Professionals. They’re gearing up for the next wave of audits. This time they’re targeting small business owners and anyone who had capital gains from sale of investments or property.

That’s a little bit of background of what is going on in the tax world and why I’m so passionate about doing what I can to help as many people as possible pay less taxes and take charge of their own financial future.

That’s why I have this special offer. I’ll be doing the wildly popular Tax Strategy Camp on October 23 – 25 in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m extending the special price for this seminar that saves you $2,500 PLUS is completely refundable when you become a client. If you attend this and decide you want to hire me and my firm to prepare you tax strategy and provide unlimited tax consulting, I’ll give you a 100% refund of the seminar tuition against the cost of the strategy and consulting.

The three days start on Thursday, October 23rd, at 8 am and we’ll go pretty late on Thursday and Friday, ending up at about 4 pm on Saturday. During the seminar, we’ll cover:

BONUS! Every single person in attendance will walk away with their own copies of the not-yet-released IRS Survival Guides for the new IRS targets. These strategies can save you tens of thousands of dollars if you happen to be audited.

SPECIAL GUEST STAR! Have you heard the stories about people making $10,000, $20,000 even $50,000 or more per month on the Internet, working just a day or less a week? This IS the ultimate way to create passive income quickly. We’re going to have an experienced Affiliate Marketer who is going to show you how you can build your business with just pennies a day of well-placed Internet ads OR start a brand new business as an Affiliate Marketer yourself.

SPECIAL OFFER ACT NOW and receive $2,500 off of the tuition for the October Tax Strategy Camp PLUS get a full refund against your Tax Strategy with me. You can go to October Tax Strategy Camp and sign up now OR you can register with Carolyn by calling 602.258.0700, extension 4.

(3) Tax Education & a Good Tax Strategist: The best way to pay less tax is to plan NOW for the current year on through to the next 5 years ahead. It’s your responsibility to learn how to talk to the best tax strategist you can afford to hire. For example, I’m going to go through The Best Business Structures for 2009 and Beyond as part of the October Tax Strategy Camp. This will be part of the seminar and I will package it into a program that will probably cost $299 or more. You’ll get that information first hand when you attend the October Tax Strategy Camp.

If you sat down with the very smartest advisors, your benefit might still be limited. You need to be able to talk their language. Lawyers have their own language, so do accountants and so do tax strategists. The best education you can get as a business owner, in my opinion, is in the Language of Taxes. That’s why I’m such a fan of educating my personal clients. I want them to keep pushing me to new levels of planning. I want them to be the very best business owners they can be because, to be honest, I take just as much pride in their accomplishments as I do in my own.

The largest bank failure ever has just occurred. Luckily, Chase has stepped in to soften the blow for Washington Mutual customers. Do you know how many DKTaxServices clients got caught in this? None. That’s because we alerted our clients to the top “most likely to fail” banks and worked with them closely this past month to transition to new accounts and lines of credits for their companies at new banks. That’s part of the proactive service we provide our customers.

And, every Wednesday, I do an exclusive conference call JUST for my clients to give them the very latest in financial and tax saving news plus strategies for building businesses in turbulent times.

That’s what I think it means to be a financial advisor. We’ll help you pay less taxes, in some cases a whole lot less, and we’ll give you solid advice to reduce the risk of IRS audit. That’s a given. The part that often astonishes new clients is that we also want to flood you with information designed to quickly put more money in your pocket and build a business that gives you everything you want.

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