The Secret eBiz Killer: The Digital Download Tax (iTunes Tax)

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4-29-1You might have heard of the iTunes tax and thought it had nothing to do with you. Think again! If you have nexus in one of these key states and you sell ANYTHING via digital download, you must collect and reimburse state sales tax on digital downloads.

There are a couple of key questions first before we look at the 18 states (plus DC) that could give you problems.

1. What states do you have nexus in?

If you’re confused about nexus and what qualifies, then you’ve been paying attention. It IS confusing. That’s because the states keep changing their minds and redefining what creates nexus and what does not. Until we get an answer from the US Supreme Court or Congress, we’re left at the whims of 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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2. What is subject to sales tax in the states in which you have nexus?

This is where the iTunes tax (digital download tax) can come back to haunt you. Don’t assume you don’t have an issue just because your home state doesn’t tax digital downloads. (A digital download could be an eBook or an audio book, in addition to music.)

These 18 states (plus the District of Columbia) tax digital downloads:

District of Columbia
New Jersey
New Mexico
South Dakota

4-29-3Don’t ignore this tax! It can definitely come back to haunt you.

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Don’t ignore this tax!

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