The Two Biggest Eye-openers from the Obamacare Webinar

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This past Saturday (Oct 12th) I gave a FREE! Webinar, “Cracking the Code on Obamacare Insurance.”

There were a lot of happy people who learned how to get Obamacare insurance for free and almost free. Plus they got questions answered they hadn’t been able to find answers for anywhere else.

Some people weren’t happy that they had missed it. We have the replay ready, but I have something even better. I’m going to do the entire webinar again LIVE so you get a chance to ask your questions. You can register now for the webinar Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 1 pm PST (4 pm EST) at

And there have been some naysayers who think I shouldn’t be telling you how to get the insurance for free. I thought about it for awhile and then just said “Phooey!” After all, I teach people how to pay less in taxes. Some cases, they pay a WHOLE lot less. And my guess is the people saying what I should and shouldn’t do either don’t make enough money to worry about taxes or actually paying for anything, or are disingenuously using tax loopholes without a problem to reduce their taxes (charitable contributions, medical expenses, sales tax, state income tax, pension plan, mortgage interest, property tax, etc).

This is what I do. I tell my clients how to pay less tax. I tell them how to use the loopholes in Obamacare insurance to get the insurance for free.

It’s all legal. But the window is closing soon. You’ve got to act fast.

The two biggest eye-openers the almost 1000 attendees reported were:

  1. The definition of household for Obamacare premium calculation, and
  2. What MAGI is, and how you can legally manipulate it.

Can you save on insurance under the new regime? Yes! Learn how.

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