These Mistakes Will Get You in Trouble With the IRS

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IRS audits are on the rise. If you get a notice, the best advise is to get a pro to help you out with the auditor. Your job is to get your records in order…and fast!

Here are a few of the mistakes they are looking for:

Not maintaining a separate business checking account

Not maintaining a log tracking business miles driven

Inability to determine success of business

Customer files not maintained

Continued expenditures in activities that show little or no profit potential (such as craft shows and exhibitions)

Bartering transactions that are being done with parties

Not issuing Form 1099’s to Independent Contractors

No agreements in place

Operating in own name (not as a corp or LLC)

Better yet, don’t wait until you get an IRS audit notice to get ready for it.


  1. Rebecca says:

    Great advise. Where do I find a tax pro in my area?

  2. Rebecca, you drop an email to or give him a call at 888.592.4769. We work with clients all over the country.

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