This is How My Clients Make Money Online

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USTaxAid is focused on tax savings, but since the best tax savings comes from having your own business, I often end up talking about business.

On one of my blogs, I talked about a client of mine who had 50 different websites up and how he was making money from each one of them.

I received a couple of inquiries about that, simply because so many people either are stuck and don’t know how to start or they put up a blog and nothing really ever happened.

That’s because a business online is still a business.

Being ‘online’ doesn’t give you a golden ticket to fame and fortune. You still need a sold business principle behind it. And this is where people get hung up.

There is no magic bullet. There is no magic database. There is no magic product. There is no magic customer.

The magic is in the business and your relationship to it and to your current and potential customers. And no matter what anybody tells you, you quite likely are looking at some hard work in the beginning designing, testing, re-designing, training and enforcing systems for your business, if you plan to make it a more passive business. If you plan to work in the business, at least in the beginning, you won’t need to concentrate as much on systems, but it’s still a good idea to build them as you go.

But that still doesn’t give you the one thing that you must have to make your business work. That one thing is customers. What does the market want and need? What will people pay you to do or to give to them? If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business.

If you don’t know where to start, ask yourself what problems people have today. In this strange economic time, there are a lot of them! List them out, now come up with solutions. What can you sell that others will want that will help them?

You don’t need to make a million off one product. Think about making $1,000 per month off of 10 ten sites. In no time, you’ll have that income you’re looking for.

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