Two Strategies You Must Use in 2009 to Protect Your Wealth

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There are two strategies you MUST use in 2009 to protect your wealth.

First: Protect. Protect your income and cash from too much tax. Protect your business and assets from judgments and unscrupulous people. A lot of other people have lost this past year. And unfortunately, some of them have decided you’re the one who should pay for the losses they had. Protect what you have.

Second: Stay flexible. The way you do business and make investments is changing quickly. You’re likely to see some sweeping tax changes in the next few years. It’s never been more important to be flexible in how you do business and in how you set up your business structures.
Your most important strategies in 2009 will be to have maximum flexibility and maximum protection. It might mean that you need to change up the business structures that you use in 2009. But I can also bet that you don’t want to pay a lot of money to do that. One of the new Business Structures for 2009 & Beyond is the Series LLC. But it’s not just because the Series LLC lets you set up new entities in less than 2 hours, by yourself, without thousands of dollars in legal fee. And it’s not just that you can do it easily in your own home.

The Series LLC will revolutionize how your businesses work. It can save you thousands of dollars in state filing fees, give you maximum protection for your investments, and combined with the Trust Sandwich™, allow you to shift nexus (that state in which you pay tax.)

A couple of weeks ago, I announced the new Business Structures for 2009 & Beyond Home Study Course. You’ll discover that it’s jam-packed with the information you need to make smart decisions about layered structuring for maximum asset protection and why you should always have an LLC as your first barrier of protection. We also talked about the Series LLC and the Trust Sandwich™ in the only place you’ll ever hear about it.

Since then, I’ve been interviewed dozens of times about the Series LLC and Trust Sandwich™ combination. Megan and I have brainstormed new uses that will ASTOUND you. This past week, we did a special tele-seminar for all the people who had already invested in the Business Structures for 2009 & Beyond Home Study Course.

I want to give you one more chance to learn about brand new, cutting edge strategies that will allow you to protect what you build and be more flexible then even before in reacting to changes in your business and financial life and the tax world in which you live.

So, for just a few days more, when you invest in Business Structures for 2009 & Beyond Home Study Course, you’ll also be able to download the tele seminar “New Strategies for Your Series LLC.” It’s FREE! as part of your new Business Structures plan.

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