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Do you think tax law isn’t fair? Guess what! It’s not.

You’ve got three choices when it comes to the unfair tax laws:

  1. You can do nothing. Accept your fate. Work hard. Keep less.
  2. You can get mad and say it’s not fair. Complain to everyone you know. Hope someone else changes things.
  3. You can do something different! Make more money AND pay less tax.

It’s not just the rich who get the tax breaks. It’s BUSINESS that gets tax breaks.

As long as you are working for someone else, you will continue to get squeezed more and more.

Think about this for a minute. Since 1943, if you’re an employee, the government has taken their money first. As an employee, you get what’s left. You might have gotten so used to it that you consider your net pay (after all the tax deductions) your real paycheck. Even worse, you might celebrate when you get a tax refund. That’s not a gift from the government. That’s your money that you’re getting back. Instead of celebrating, you might ask why they kept what they did. Or maybe ask why you just gave an interest-free loan to the government.

So, I have a question or you. Which of these choices you’re going to make about the unfair tax laws? Will you:

  1. Do nothing. Just take it.
  2. Complain loudly, and impotently. (In case you’ve noticed, no one in the government ever pays much attention to the tax reforms. Or rather, if they do something like the misnamed ‘tax simplification acts’, we end up with something way more complicated and more tax breaks than ever before.)
  3. Get on the side that’s winning.

The guys that are winning are the business owners. It doesn’t mean you need a big business. It doesn’t mean you need to have a regular bricks and mortar site. And you don’t even need to have a full-time business.

You get the same tax breaks with a home-based business that the big boys do.

The five steps to get more money right now in your pocket from your home-based business is:

  1. Make sure you have a legitimate business in the eyes of the IRS.
  2. Identify all of your business deductions.
  3. Calculate the tax savings from the newly found deductions.
  4. Change your withholding at work, so that you receive more money.
  5. Keep track of all of your business receipts using a virtual or physical file system and track them with a bookkeeping system.

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