We Got Hacked!!

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At about 1:30 PM (Arizona time) on Sunday, I called up the TaxLoopholes Blog to check for comments and there it was… a skull and crossbones.

Sure, I’d heard about being “hacked” before, but never really thought it would happen to me. The message was “You’ve been hacked” and then there were initials and this picture that looked like a 12 year old had dreamed it up.

Sunday afternoon seems to be a great time to hack, if your goal is to create chaos in an illegal and destructive way, because it took a few calls to get our tech guys all mobilized. It turns out that they only got to the blog. We suspected there might be a few holes in that and it’s hosted on another server, so nothing at the Tax Loopholes main site was compromised.

Megan, who helps support me with blog entries when I’m gone, asked the question of the hour, “Who’d want to hack us?”

Typically, hackers go for high profile targets. And, it turns out that since TaxLoopholes set the world’s record for most people at an online workshop last Wednesday, we’ve suddenly become high profile!

Sometimes you’ve got to take the good with the bad.


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