We’re Not Selling Secrets, We’re Selling Strategies

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Who doesn’t want to pay less tax? Well, I guess there are a few reasons to NOT pay less tax. You might need to show a certain amount of income to qualify for a full doc loan (which is about the only kind you can get today). You might want to have a higher earned income so you can contribute more to your pension plan (realizing this is the most asset protected structure going right now). You might just not want to mess with tax planning and be happy you have enough money to live. (Although if that were the case, I don’t think you’d be at this site.)

At my tax preparation company, DK Tax Services, we save people a lot of money in taxes, if that’s what they want. Sometimes we just position them to protect their assets as aggressively as possible. And sometimes we work with them to make good sound tax and financial decisions that bolster their financial statements so that they are more likely to get a loan. It’s all legal. It’s not a “secret” that you can’t tell anyone.

It’s a strategy. You are strategic when you first define what you want and then use the tools available to achieve it. We get better results quicker for two big reasons: (1) The process we use is different. We don’t want to just be responsive, we want to be proactive. In other words, as a client you can ask us “Should I have an S Corporation because ….” and we’re happy to answer that. But reality is if this is something viable we would have already talked to you about it as a way to use corporate tax planning to achieve your goals (2) We have more tools in the tool box. There is the old saying that if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Most advisors have a solid group of basic, fundamental tools. They get 80% of the job done if they have the time to pay attention to you and your needs. We’ve set up our structure so that we are on the cutting edge of research.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about and why I started this blog today. We’re getting some really big sales of education products to CPAs and attorneys. They are people who joined our database of 85,000+ within the last few months and are now buying every single item we have. You always notice the big sales!

So, why are CPAs and tax attorneys buying my education? Simple. It’s cheap research for them. They get answers in layman’s terms so they can explain the ideas better to their clients. They have the research and strategies all laid out for them. Could they figure this out? Of course, but considering they’re billing out at $350 – $500 per hour, it’s way cheaper for them to read my research and then apply it to their clients.

We don’t sell secrets. We don’t sell illegal ideas or even anything that is “grey.” The tax saving strategies we use are legal, moral and ethical.

Oh, and in case you like statistics, the big sellers over the past few months have been the “IRS Survival Guide for Real Estate Professionals with Real Estate Investments”, “Business Structures for 2009 & Beyond”, “Trust Sandwich” and “Operation Guide for LLCs”.

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