What Do You Think About IRS’s Ruling About Tax Preparers?

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I’m not sure how I feel about the back and forth the IRS is currently having in court regarding tax preparers.

On one hand, I see the financial devastation bad tax preparers can cause taxpayers. I’ve seen tax preparers try to negotiate with the IRS without a clue, file tax returns that are full of red flags and even file returns that are completely wrong without advising their clients. By the time I meet up with them, it’s often too late to undue the cost.

So I understand the IRS wanting to regulate who gets to say they are qualified tax preparers. And, after all, other professionals have regulatory agencies that determine how and when they can practice.

But on the other hand, I hate seeing the IRS get involved in anything else. Their track record isn’t very good and if they’re the ones doing the qualifying as to who can argue against them, that doesn’t seem very objective.

What are your thoughts? Here’s the article that sums up the confusing case where it stands right now. Link to article.

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