What If Your Credit Score Tanked?

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I’ll cut right to the chase: I’m going to announce tonight (Thurs April 9th) a FREE! Teleseminar for April 25, 2009 (Saturday). I’ll send it out to my entire client base and the call will probably fill up in 2 hours or less.

This is a teleseminar you don’t want to miss if you’re starting or growing a business. Please go to DianesSeminars and sign up right now for “Building Business Credit.”

I’m joined by Business Credit Specialist Marco Carbajo. In the first 10 minutes that I spent with him on the phone, I had taken 2 pages of notes of tricks I’d never heard of for getting credit fast.

There are government programs I never knew existed. There are strategies for building credit in your company completely separate from your personal credit, so that you never have to use personal guarantees. There are tricks for building business credit when your personal score has tanked.

In fact, he has an 8 step process that is amazingly simple to follow. It’ll take you about 6 months total, but it’s possible to have lines of credit of $100,000 or more, if you follow his steps. Wow! Who couldn’t use that for a business.

The teleseminar is Saturday, April 25, 2009 at 9 am Pacific, 10 am Mountain, 11 am Central and Noon Eastern. Go to DianesSeminars and register right now. You’ll be sent an automatic email reply with the call-in information.

The call will be recorded and offered in 7-10 days at (DianeKennedy.podbean.com)[http://DianeKennedy.podbean.com) for a slight handling fee.

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