What’s the Point of Having a Kid?

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What’s the point of having a kid if you can’t embarrass them now and then? Our 16 y.o. son David is just back from a trip to Germany to visit family friends. He got into the full experience of Oktoberfest.

Germany and Mexico meet …

David loves to cook. The family was amazed that a male teenager wanted to cook for them and their friends. They invited 16 people over for dinner and David planned a Mexican food menu…with no Mexican food ingredients! He even had to make tortillas from scratch because there were no tortillas to be found in Munich.

Sauerkraut burritos, anyone?

Back home we wondered about the dinner – bratwurst burritos? Saurkraut quesadillas? For all but one at the event, this was the first time they’d ever had Mexican food – David became the International Spokesman for Mexican cuisine! I wonder if they’ll ever try it again…

Menu was burritos with chopped beef, potatoes, onions, peppers, and guacamole, served with more guacamole and David’s Raja Sauce. The Raja Sauce was a little strange he said, because he couldn’t find the peppers he is used to using and substituted Italian peppers. But the dinner party ate every last bit and he had a group who asked him to teach them how to make tortillas the next day.

And since I can’t stand not having some kind of tax angle… if you’re a professional writer, every single expense that could be considered research for a book, article, etc. is an immediate deduction. So, if David publishes a MX food cookbook, the trip would be a write-off.

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