When Life Give You Lemons…

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I’m one of those people who believe and talk about the abundance of the world. I think that it’s scarcity, and more importantly, the fear of scarcity that brings out the worst in us. There are two things that happened to me this past week that really drove that point home to me.

First, my personal mastermind spent the day together on Friday doing the First Step of the “Journey to a Million in 2 Years or Less.” This is the step that identifies the hidden business assets you already have and combines it with What’s Most Important to you and your Customer’s Wants and/or Needs.

I have my plan in my head, it’s the second step that has all my attention. Other members of our mastermind were a little stuck on the First Step, so it was good to go through it together. In some cases, someone else’s viewpoint created a break through. Others formed collaborations as they found ways they could supersize each other’s goals. It was fun to take 1 1/2 hours with each of us on the hotseat to get the full attention of the group brainstorming on solutions for our personal challenges. When you can step outside the normal negativity of the world and tap into your own creativity with optimism, you will find an abundance of ideas and possibilities. Surrounding yourself with the right people can make all the difference.

The other evidence of abundance has turned into a family inside joke. I love gardening. I like going out and watering something when I need to think something through or just get rebalanced after a series of intensive tax strategy appointments. It’s great saving people tons of money, but it does get tiring. Although I was jumping up and down, on the inside, when I saved one client over $70,000. I’m glad he called for the strategy. There were some strategic plans we could put in place that we couldn’t have done if he’d waited much longer.

Anyway, the garden is growing. Oh, boy, is it growing. Have you ever seen the show “Iron Chef”? Two chefs, and their staff, are given a secret ingredient and have one hour to prepare a whole dinner. You ought to see them trying to turn a fish into a dessert. Someone always tries to make an ice cream, with varying results.

Well, we’re playing our own version of Iron Chef at my house. How many ways do you know to make a dinner featuring butter lettuce, red leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce or swiss chard? The joke is that I’m going to try to make a lettuce ice cream pretty soon. Meanwhile, everyone I know who comes to visit goes home with a bag of leafy goodness right out of the garden.

Abundance….it’s everywhere. You just need to look for it.

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