Which Side of the Brain Dominates You?

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I just ran across this great article from an Australian newspaper, Herald Sun, from October 9, 2007. When you click through on a link, you’ll see a dancer spinning in a circle. Some of you will see her going clockwise and some of you will see her going counter-clockwise.


At first, the dancer only turned clockwise for me. Then, my son David came over, watched her and said it was clockwise for him as well. He asked what that meant and as I explained what left brain thinking meant, she turned counter-clockwise! I stared experimenting with it and found that if I used words that were related to right brain, she turned clockwise. And if I said words related to left brain, she turned counter-clockwise.

To be honest, I don’t fully know the significance of this – yet. But it seems that there are times when we need that logical, left-side brain for the focus and ability to follow-through it brings. The practice in this exercise might just make that happen more quickly.

And, conversely, when you’re stuck for a creative solution for “How can I …,” it might be best to start off making sure you’ve got the right side of your brain engaged! (ie..the “right” side)

Please post your comments. What did you see?


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