Why Are 86% Of Your Customers Going Somewhere Else?

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One of the best pieces of business advice I got recently was to look at my business through the eyes of a potential client. How do they find me? What is the experience like for them when they call the office or email us? How do they find out what we do and whether that meets their needs?

Have you looked at your own business from the eyes of your clients or prospects lately? One startling statistic is that 86% of people will look online for a business before they look in the Yellow Pages. 86%!!! That means most people never even bother to open up the Yellow Pages. Yet many businesses still rely on that for their advertising.

This past summer I was speaking at a seminar and I could see people’s eye glaze over a little when I talked about some of the Internet Marketing techniques that I’ve been successfully using. I stopped and asked, “How many business owners do NOT have a website?”

Would you like to guess how many raised their hands? I figured a few would. But over 2/3 – 2 out of 3 people there did NOT have a website. They were missing 86% of their market.

The most important first step you can take to reach new customers is go online.

Step One: Get a website, if you don’t have one already. The website needs to show, at a minimum, a home page that says who you are and how you can help them, information for contacting you (make this easy to spot, too, don’t put it as an after thought at the bottom of the page), any kind of special offers and product/service descriptions and testimonials from happy customers.

You can also add in blogs (semi-regular posts you make regarding something in your industry. You can see what I do at TaxLoopholes.), forums, social networking and shopping pages. But, for now, get started with having a website if you don’t already.

Social networking can increase database, create connections and help focus your business message.

Step Two: Social networking is the new “buzz” phrase. It’s simple to get social networked. Get on Twitter and Facebook. It might seem like it’s a useless waste of time or an over-promoted celebrity stunt, but there are some amazing things happening with Twitter. You can connect with business leaders you normally could never get a chance to meet. And you can reach new clients with your message. So Step Two is simple. Sign up at Facebook and Twitter.

One more step to go! Hang in there. I’m then going to open up my rolodex to give you a lead on how to get a quality website for a fraction of the price you might expect.

PLUS I’m going to tell you how to get a FREE! Special Report on using your website and social networking to explode your business.

Step Three: Grow your database and refine your message using good content in 140 characters or less. This might be the most unexpected benefit of Twitter. You have to learn how to tell your message in sound bytes. You don’t have a lot of time, so you refine your message. People love content on Twitter, but there is a real art form in doing it in the limited space they give you.

I’ve been blown away at how fast the number of my Twitter accounts have grown. It is very possible that I will have 20,000 or more followers by the time my next book is published. That’s a sizable new database! And already there are some great joint ventures in the works with exciting new companies. It all happened on Twitter.

Oh, one more benefit. Many of the big companies are just venturing on to Twitter. They are very sensitive to any mention of their name. It’s a great way to get a problem resolved – just “tweet” about it and suddenly you’ll get a return phone call.

I post two Twitter posts each day that highlight something interesting on my website. It’s driving traffic (and exposure) like crazy!

To get a really helpful report to get you started, please drop a note to David@LatAmConnect.com. And, yes, that’s my son David. ☺ Tell him his Mom says “Hi”.

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Take some time and learn a little more about the Internet, if you’re not already there. And if you are, make sure you ask for a copy of your FREE! Special Report from David. There are some tricks to make it all work a lot easier!



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