Why ‘Work Your Passion’ Won’t Make You Rich

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There is a popular saying that if you work at your passion, the money will follow. Sometimes it works, most often it doesn’t. Why?

Or, let’s look at it the opposite way. What about the people who work at something that they are good at and that makes them money, only to burn out? They never had the passion for the work.

There are actually three elements to creating that ‘sweet spot’ of business income. These three are: What you’re good at (entrepreneurial), What you’re passionate about (emotional), and What people will pay (economic).

Picture three circles, overlapping in the middle. That middle, where all three circles meet is the ‘e-center’ and that is where you can make money, do good work and love what you do.

If you do just two of them, you’ll never be in complete balance. It takes all three!

Take some time today and think about what you’re passionate about. Ask others what they feel you’re best in the world at. Then put them together in way that solves other people’s problems. You’ll have created a business that can change the world, and your life.

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  1. I love every minute of this.

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