Your Mind Won’t Let You Have an Unanswered Question

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I heard my husband say this the other day to a prospective client who called in. I wonder how a tax strategy call turned into this discussion, but nevertheless it got me thinking.

Richard said, “Your mind won’t let you have a question without an answer.” I listened a little bit more while he coached the person on the other side of the call with the types of questions that she might want to consider.

He’s right, you know. Your mind has to answer the question. Ask yourself, “Why doesn’t anything work out?” and you’ll find lots of examples of how things don’t work plus as an added bonus, all the things that you think are wrong with you. Ask yourself, “How can I turn my talent of XX into an income source that is fun and healthy?” and you’ll get dozens of ideas.

My favorite question right now is “What can I do today to make this the best day of my life?” Try that one for a week. It can change your life!

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