Do You Need Some Real Estate Loopholes in Your Life?

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The word loopholes has a negative connotation, so let’s start there. What is a loophole?

A tax loophole is simply a government incentive. It’s never been more evident than we are seeing with the Trump Tax Plan (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) that our tax system isn’t “fair.” Or rather it is not equal.

The idea is that there is a reward for people that provide jobs and housing. That’s why there are so many tax loopholes available for business owners and real estate investors. Business owners provide jobs. Real estate investors provide housing.

In our next coaching session on Wednesday, September 4, were going to be talking about 110 Real Estate Loopholes. It’s actually an inside joke, because when I started with this information product, it was actually a bit of a stretch to come up with 101 loopholes for real estate. Over time, as the tax law has changed, there are actually a lot more possible legal tax loopholes, as long as you take the time to first set up the right strategy.

Although the title is still “101 Real Estate Loopholes”, there are actually 110. Each one has many nuances, so it’s like 110 with multiple parts.

If you’re interested in real estate investing, then you already know there are three primary reasons why to invest in real estate: (1) passive cash flow, (2) appreciation, and (3) tax breaks.

The first two depend on buying right and managing right. The last one, tax breaks, depends on strategy first. That’s what we do at US TaxAid. And that’s what we help our clients create, their own customized tax strategy.

For more information on our next coaching class, please go to Link. Coaching classes are first Wednesday of the month for real estate and the third Wednesday of the month for business. They are always at 5 PM Pacific. If you can’t make one, you can go back and listen to the recording.

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