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Get Out of Your Head & Get to Work

Written by Diane Kennedy, CPA on October 11, 2020

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed in the best of times. And now?  It would be a stretch to call these the best of times. In fact, for a lot of us, there is so much uncertainty that it’s crazy at best and at worst, downright depressing.  

You need to change. It could be the way you live your life. It could be a change in how you make your living. Or it could even be a change in how you go shopping.  

We have change that will last a long time. 
And most of it is emotional.
It’s the hardest time to take action. And it’s the most important time to take action.  

Five Ways to Get a Project Moving When You’re Stuck 

Here are 5 ways to get a project moving when you’re stuck. Use one. Use them all. These are just strategies to get you going. Make them your own.  

 Chunk it Down 

When you have a big project, it can easily feel overwhelming. 

For example, Jorge and I are doing a long overdue overhaul of the website. New design, new programming, new set-up, updated apps…. Taking on a major project like this can feel overwhelming.  

It’s not our first rodeo though, and we started off with a list of generally how it would look. We had just had our first Skype chat to get the project started. I have my to do list and he has his. It’s not the whole project, it’s just the things we can get done in the next 1-2 weeks. 
Then, we’ll talk again, make sure we’re on the right track with what we both want and then come up with the next list of to do items.  

If that feels too overwhelming, just come up with one thing you need to do to move forward.  

A small step, consistently taken, can make a big difference over time.  


I hate to let someone else down. If I say I’ll do something, I will move heaven and earth to get that done. But I don’t always honor the promises I make to myself.
If that sounds like you, get an accountability partner! You find another person (or small group of 3-5 people) who meet weekly to make a pledge on what they will get done that week and hold each other accountable
Meet during the next week (virtually is best these days) and report back. 
That’s how to work with an accountability partner or group. It works! Try it! 

Start a Bin 

My biggest challenge in business is chasing shiny nickels. There is always a new idea to distract me. 
Ages ago, I worked with a management consultant who had me start a file called “The Bin.” Every great idea got written up and put in the bin. We met once a month to review the Bin items. Most of the time I had no idea what I was talking about.
If you have the shiny nickel problem too, stay focused on what you’re doing and put the rest in the bin.  

List of 10 

Another way of chunking down a project is to come up with 10 actions. Just take 10 actions. Just 10. And then see what happens to your project. 
Sometimes those 10 actions are all you need to make a change. And sometimes it’s enough to get you going.
In my new course, Sustainable Digital Empires Fundamentals, Lesson #10 has a sample List of 10 that I would use for this course. If it feels like too much, whatever it is, just take 10 actions. 
And then decide what comes next.  


The Pareto Principle says that 20% of something (actions, people, etc.) will give you 80% of the results. It’s something that seems to be proven again and again.  

20% of your customers give you 80% of the problems. 20% of your customers give you 80% of your income. (Usually not the same 20%)  

The same is true for projects. Lesson #10 of Sustainable Digital Empires Fundamentalincludes an 80/20 exercise for one aspect of setting up your own business.  

You can use this same approach  

What is stopping you?  

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