I Met My Son Because of a Goatshead Sticker

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I don’t know if this is a thing only in the west and southwest, so let me start off by explaining what a goatshead sticker is.  

Imagine you’re walking barefoot across your floor and step on a leggo. Nope. That’s not it. 
It’s way, way worse. They are pretty much indestructible and they are little balls with hardened spears, kind of like a coronavirus cell that’s been armed with titanium and sharpened like a Japanese sushi knife. 
And they are everywhere. You pick them up in the treads of your sneakers and they jump off into your carpet to wait for an unsuspecting traveler. Once embedded, it can take surgery to get them out. 
You’re horrified, right? And we’re not even to the story yet.

I was the co-founder and partner for a high-end event that gave 20% of the gross to charities each year, (GROSS before expenses) that our clients got to choose. 

A few months after the first checks for $10,000 or more went out to each charity, I asked my assistant Amy to follow up on what happened to the money. 

I’ll never forget the afternoon when Amy called me in my home office.  

She was in tears. 

They were happy tears. You have to listen to this recording. 
One of the charities was an orphanage in Cd. Juarez, which is just over the border from El Paso, TX. They had lost their lease and the orphanage was being evicted. They had to get out at the end of December.  The director of the orphanage decided to give the kids Christmas and then he was going to tell them to ask friends from school to see if there was somewhere, anywhere, they could go. Otherwise these kids were going on the street. 
The director’s wife went to the US to pick up mail on the day after Christmas and called her husband, hysterical. He thought she’d been in an accident. 
“Just get home. We’ll figure it out.”  

What had happened is that the check for $10,000 had arrived. They already had a piece of property. The $10K bought the materials they needed to get going. The boys from the orphanage moved out to the property and with the director built a wall to protect them from the harsh winds. 

The kids moved out to the property and camped as they built the orphanage. They got a call form a US church group that had heard they had a problem.

“We can furnish manpower for a couple of weeks, but we don’t have money for materials.” 

“No problem,” the director said. 
And an orphanage was built.
A few months later, we traveled down to Cd Juarez with a film crew to tell the story of the orphanage. The older boys were tired of American groups coming down, causing excitement and then leaving. The Director said they could go on a bike ride.
The filming started and then the boys all came back. They’d hit a patch of goatshead stickers and every single tire went flat.
David was 13 years old then and spoke English, so he agreed to come on film with me to tell the story of the orphanage. 
That night, Richard said, “Let’s adopt David.”  

And that’s how I met my son because of a goatshead sticker.  

For me, there are a zillion “morals of the story” in this story. Here are a couple. 
Got a cause you care about? Or just want a social cause associated with your business? Do it. You might be surprised what can happen as a result.
Get in action if you want something different. It’s not going to show up if you’re hiding in your room, with the covers over your head. It’s not going to show up, if you’re complaining online about what you don’t have and SHOULD have. 
It happens when you are doing. And sometimes when you are trying to do one thing, an unexpected wonderful thing happens.  

What’s your dream? And more importantly, what are you doing right now about it?  

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