I Screamed When My Dog Dropped This on My Head in the Middle of the Night

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I’m about to tell you something I have never talked about on USTaxAid before. 
This is a metapost, a post about posting.  

Let me explain first by telling you why you should care about this post. You clicked on this post to read it for a reason.
The headline caught your attention.  

You’re still reading because every sentence promises something more. That’s the secret of blogs, emails and social media posts. Keep people reading. 

Each sentence has one purpose and one purpose only.  

To keep you reading.  

Now I need to do a segue to explain the blog. Here’s an example of the segue and the story that go with the headline. 

I Screamed When My Dog Dropped This on My Head 

We carry around stories in our heads of things that have happened before. Our reaction to words and situations (past, present or imagined) often have little to do with what is actually going on in that moment.  Our past often dictates our future because that’s how we’re wired. 
We have a rescue dog, a “street” chihuahua from the mean streets of Mexico. He’s not the little purse chihuahua. No, this little guy is tough and doesn’t back down. 
Lately, our garden has had an infestation of squirrels, eating up my plants. In one week, Oro had brought in 4 dead or mostly dead squirrels.
I was glad for the help in ridding the garden of pests, but not crazy about dead squirrels in the house.  

But Then Things Went Wrong
And then one night, it all blew up.
We were sound asleep in our dark bedroom, when Oro jumped on the bed. He had a prize and he wanted to show me right away.
He dropped it on my head. Remember it was dark and I was sound asleep. He’d been bringing me squirrels. And this solid object was not moving and it was stone cold.  

I screamed. All I could think of was that it was a dead squirrel in the stages of rigor mortis. 
Richard jumped up, wondering if we were being attacked. He finally got the light on and that’s when we discovered what the treasure Oro had brought me was.
Somehow, he’d gotten into the compost pile and rooted around to find a broccoli stalk. 

Oro’s past had caught up with him. I made an assumption of what he had brought me based on what he’d done in the past.   

Your Past Does NOT Have to Equal Your Future 

All it takes is allowing yourself to change. Others may not accept that change in you right away. But you can about yourself, and about others.  

Making Assumptions Before You Have Facts Doesn’t Always Work
Has something like this story ever happened to you? Maybe not the part about getting a broccoli stem dropped on your head in the middle of the night, but making an assumption before you get the facts. 
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There is still time for you to get a better ending to 2020. Let’s talk soon.  

** And that’s the segue, story and CTA (call to action). It’s also part of what we talked about in Wednesday’s coaching class.  

Headline, Segue, Story, CTA

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The story today was part about the lesson of using the stories in your life to build an audience, establish rapport and ultimately sell. I went right to the sales CTA simply because most people reading the email that I’ll send are people I’ve known for a while. If it was a new group, I would have given a simpler and safer CTA. 
Is the consultation offer right? Yes.
Is the coaching still open? Yes, but we will be closing off the online digital course modules as they are completed. So, if you want the BEST deal, you need to sign up now. 
I’m not going anywhere, so there will be something else we’ll roll out in 2021 as a coaching bonus. We just won’t have the online business as part of it anymore (except for people currently enrolled).  

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