In Uncertain Times, You Need These Two Things

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In times of uncertainty, preparation and flexibility are key.

This past week, on Thursday, July 12, 2018. I launched my new book, “Taxmageddon 2018: How to Brace for the Trump Tax Plan.” I had planned it for months and then in the last week, Amazon changed their service for print on demand, changed the rules for Kindle Select (a way of marketing Kindle) and categories for the book. The audio editing plans fell through and I worked 4 very long days (20 hours per day), doing the editing myself in order to comply with Kindle Select’s new rules. Amazon accepted the paperback version but decided to investigate whether I had publishing rights to the cover for the Kindle.

In short, a whole lot of things went wrong.

And, you know what?

I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

I had prepared for the book launch as best as I could.  At some point, you just have to let go and realize that whatever happens is perfect.

“Taxmageddon” ended up as #1 best-seller in 6 Amazon categories, I’ve received orders for cases of books, it’s led to new clients, interview requests and it received critical acclaim and great reviews.

Business is a lot like that. To succeed, you prepare the best you can and then there comes a time when business, competition, technology, your employees, your suppliers, you name it throws you a curve ball. You have to remain flexible.

In business, it’s not required that you make all the right decisions or be the top innovator in your field, it’s often simply putting one foot in front of the order and keeping going no matter what. You prepare the best you can, but then you have to just stay flexible.

Are you prepared for your business, no matter what? Are you prepared for real estate investments that go bad? Or real estate investments that go way better than you expected?

The best strategy I know is knowing all you can now and then taking action. But there is a warning.

It’s not just a matter of learning and learning and learning, hoping that the one more thing you need to understand will give you the confidence to move forward.

The best strategy is to get enough information to take action and then take that action. Then learn some more, take action on that. Follow the process.

Our coaching classes are divided into context (determining how the info fits for your particular circumstances and breaking it down into actionable steps) and content (technical). People come to me, and to the coaching for the technical and most never take action.

You need BOTH content and context.

Content for the information. Context so you can integrate it.

This next coaching class, the first Wednesday of the month (August 1, 2018) is for real estate investors. It will be about doing your own Cost Segregation Study. It includes the template and we’ll talk about when to do it, what to do if you have catch-up depreciation and how to have the documentation you need in case the IRS asks. It’s technical and I guarantee, it will be popular.

This last coaching class was for business, “What Does Your Business Really Need?” It’s about context. Taking a minute and thinking about your current business (or real estate investments). This is how you make money and build a true business that you work on, not in.

You need both. When you join the coaching class at you get both.

When you’re in uncertain times, you need preparation and flexibility. Knowledge and action are how you get both.

Find out why “Taxmageddon 2018” hit #1 in 6 different Amazon categories on the first day! You’ll get 95 tax strategies plus bonuses worth $1,499! when you read it.

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