Life, Work & Taxes in the Time of COVID-19

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Laws are happening fast and furious right now. Economic stimulus packages, resources for small business owners, new regulations regarding sick leave for employees, real estate evictions, real estate loan forbearance (ie, you don’t have to pay) and more!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of the daily happenings in my world.

Plus, of course, there are tax and financial strategies that have never been more critical.

Sheltering in place and working remotely? How do you write off your home office, computer, cell phone, meals, etc? Answer = you don’t.

That is, unless you do the trick I talk about on 3/23/2020 at my Facebook group, You’ll want to check out that short and to the point Facebook Live that I did on that day.

Just follow the link and join the group. The Facebook group is “open” which means pretty much any live human join. We draw the line at malicious bots.

When you go to, you’ll see various articles and Facebook Lives that generally run about 5 minutes. I’m using those to give you the very latest in tax updates and strategies during this critical time.

I usually start these about 9 am Pacific. If you can’t make it, the recording stays in the group for a few days. (I actually don’t know how long they stay there. We’ll see!)

Right now, the most current info is through the Facebook Live recording. I’ll continue sending out emails and writing blogs, but the info there will necessarily be several days or even weeks old. Things are happening pretty fast. Solid tax, accounting, business and real estate strategies still matter. They may change, though, depending on the current tax law.

This is an extraordinary time that we’re all going through. Undoubtedly, it’s going to impact your income and it is going to impact your taxes. The best time for a consultation is when you can still do something about it.

It you’re ready, set up your consultation by giving Richard a call at 888-592-4769.

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