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Maybe It’s a Good Thing the IRS Won’t Answer Your Call

Written by Diane Kennedy, CPA on January 9, 2022

The IRS has become notorious for hanging up on taxpayers who call the toll-free number. Story after story of taxpayers who wait on hold for over 4 hours, only to be told that the systems were overloaded and “Good Bye”. And then “click”.

There is currently no way to leave a call back number with the IRS. Although the IRS says they are working on a solution. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, a Tax Court Memo (Peak, TC Memo 2021-128) ruled that a taxpayer who called the IRs and then followed their instructions was at fault. 

It didn’t matter that he followed the tax advice the IRS agent gave him to the letter. The IRS has no responsibility to give out accurate information. It’s up to the taxpayer to know whether the advice an IRS gives him is accurate or not.

In this case the man owes the tax, penalties and interest he got from following the advice.

That Tax Court ruled that advice from an IRS worker is not law and it does not bind the agency or the courts.

So maybe it’s just as well that you can’t find anyone at the IRS to ask about your tax situation. 

But it sure would be nice if they’d answer the phone when you’re trying to fix their mistake. 

That leaves the question. Who do you ask when you have a tax question? Here are some ways to get your Tax Questions answered. 

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