My Dog Rolls in Snails & Why You Should Too

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Oro, my Mexican street chihuahua rescue, has a new thing. He hunts for snails, smacks them with his little paw until he can get the snail out of the shell and then carefully extracts the creature. 
He then rolls in it.
Once he’s thoroughly covered in dead snail goo, he heads for the mint patch and rolls in it.  

We call the fragrance “Minty Snail” and it’s his signature blend. Trust me, once you smell it, it’s hard to forget it. 
Oro is pretty unforgettable in general.
There is a business lesson there. In fact, it’s a big part of what I talk about in Sustainable Digital Empires Fundamentals. That’s the first class with multiple lessons. You’ll explore what makes you unique. The things that you could do well and the things that you’re passionate about. You’ll identify your customer avatar down to the brand of toothpaste he or she uses.
You’ll figure out what keeps your avatar up at night. And you’ll figure out how to diffuse the fear someone will find out your deepest, darkest secret. (That’s often the reason that stops people).
You’ll build a business. If you want to sell on Amazon with FBA, great. But that’s a strategy, not a business. You may use Facebook groups (depends on your avatar), but that’s a strategy, not a business.
Your business will be SUSTAINABLE. And it will be an empire you can sell for 2-5 times your cash flow or you can leave it to your kids.
And you’ll get your wins just as fast as you want. One of our students had already made $45,000 before the course was even done. (We’re talking just a few months into the program) Another made $37,500 with less than $1,000 of cost. Same time frame.
We’re done with the Fundamentals coaching now. The bonus 2nd and 4th Wednesday 5 pm Pacific sessions are now focusing on building a Services business online. Since you need the Fundamentals first, the finished course will be given to all coaching members within the next 3 weeks.   Link to
If you’re in coaching on the day it drops, you get the course for free. PLUS you will have the lessons on the Services program. 
In a minute I’ll tell you how to game the system a bit to get the most bang for the buck when you pick up your copy of the course.  

First though, I want to talk about the one stumbling block that stops a lot of online businesses from achieving true success. They’ll get a bit, but then they hit a ceiling that they just can’t get through no matter what.  

We address that early on in the Sustainable Digital Empire Fundamental course. The Sustainable Digital Empire course is a bonus in coaching for this year. We’re all going through some big changes. An online business can be the solution to staying flexible and profitable right now.
Think about who your market is. And narrow it down to just one person. How old? Male or female? Education level? Live in the city or the country? What do they like to do? What is their biggest fear? What movies, books, games, tv shows do they like? There dozens of questions like that.  

When you’re done, you’re going to have an avatar.
We build from that, what do they want and need, what social media do they use, what they search for online, what groups do they join, what podcasts do they listen to, who are influencers for them, it goes on… 

What this does is focus your marketing and makes you known. Your message stays consistent. 
That’s just the start. You marketing will be better. Your advertising will be spot on and actually cheaper with better results.
Use a customer avatar. It works.  
And yet, I still get pushback. “My market is EVERYBODY!” “Everyone needs my product (or service).” “I’m not going to limit myself or my business.”
In fact, some people get downright mad when we talk about this exercise. That might very well be the reason they quit.
When you want to be all things for everyone, you dilute your brand and your message. You can’t be best in the world at EVERYTHING. You’re a jack of trades and master of none.
You limit your income and you are forced to compete based on price. With the new global market providing competition, that means your price goes down and down. 
Instead pick one market. One person. One avatar. Become the very best in the world in that very specific niche.  

Then add another market. One person. One avatar. Become the very best in the world in that second very specific niche.  

Or, don’t. Instead work really hard and limit your ability to grow and make money.  

Oro, my street chihuahua, is distinctive. He is the king of minty snail fragrance. I’m not sure there is a market for it, but he has found a unique position.  

What’s yours? Become best in the world, identify your passion, solve your customer avatar’s wants and needs and find the way to get pay for all of that. Stuck? That’s why we have group coaching every week. 
When you have this dialed in, you can create a new info product and sell it to make $45,000 in 4 weeks. Or you can repurpose and change existing information and make $37,500 with a new sales page, landing page and campaign. That’s just a couple of ways to make money in changing times. 

It all starts with the fundamentals! 
The Fundamental course will be given to all members of coaching mid Septmeber. Meanwhile, we’re continuing on with the Online Services course. It will be up to the coaching students as to which one of the courses we go to next. Eventually, though, we’ll go through all modules

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