Nobody is Going to Change Your Life

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Go on Facebook, talk to your neighbor or turn on the news, you’re bound to hear this. Somebody has a problem. And the answer? “SOMEONE should do something about it.” 

Sometimes that “someone” is identified (the government, Congress, the mayor, generally someone in power). And sometimes that “someone” is just a nebulous entity or person.  

It’s never going to work and that’s because there is one really important part that is missing. 


If you want something to change, it starts with you. That’s why I’m such a fan of owning your own business and investments that you control. YOU choose your future. YOU choose how your life works. 
Right now, there are a lot of things that are uncertain, even for those people who are used to running their own life with their business and real estate. Bricks and mortar businesses can’t open or if they can, business is way, way down. Real estate is either insane with buyers driving prices up or crashing as the inventory increases.
And one more issue for real estate landlords, tenants that don’t pay their rent and there is nothing you can do about it.  We’re going to be talking about all of that soon.
My #1 advice right now is starting an online business. If you’ve already got one, grow it. If you don’t yet, start it.
The world is shifting online faster than we ever thought it would. You can have a service business, a product business and a business that sells traffic. It’s ALL possible faster and cheaper than you thought.
One of my clients who uses Sustainable Digital Empires (part of our coaching) made $45,000 in her first month. Another made $37,500 in the first month.
But there is a warning.
Don’t build a Facebook business. Don’t build an FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) business. Build a business that USES these apps, not that relies on them 

Don’t build a house on rented land. Don’t build a business on a platform you can’t control.  

One of the main ways to AVOID needing “Someone” to take care of a problem is to be smart enough to never get in the problem in the first place.  

Take control of where you are right now. Take charge of your own future. 
Got a social cause that you care about? SOMEONE isn’t going to fund it. But YOU can and without begging through a Go Fund Me account. 
If you’re waiting for “someone” to fix what you want, it’s not happening.  

That someone is you.  

My solution is for you to make money you control and then you can do what you want for yourself, your family and your community. 
That’s using an online business that makes money. It’s successful and it’s sustainable.  

You can spend thousands of dollars for mentoring and coaching to start an online business. You can join a special group that is $1500 or more per year. Or you can join my group for Sustainable Digital Empires.  

The price for Sustainable Digital Empires is WAY below the cost of anything comparable and once you join, you’re in the support group (now Facebook, moving to soon) FOR LIFE. 

There are 5 different modules. The first one, Sustainable Digital Empires Fundamentals is done. The first part is available at no charge for members of the Coaching Group 

The second part of Sustainable Digital Empires Fundamentals will be done in the next two weeks. 
We’re currently building out Sustainable Digital Empires Virtual Services course. On the 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 5 pm Pacific, we cover a different lesson each session. 
Wednesday, 9/22/2020 at 5 pm, we talked about how to Improve Your Offer. There are 3 ways to make more money from your business:  

Increase the number of customers/clients 

Increase the average sale 

Increase the frequency of sales 

If you missed that lesson, you can catch up when we load up the written portion and recorded audio. If you’re not yet a member of coaching, start here

There are sessions on the 1st – 4th Wednesday. We’re dark on the 5th Wednesday, if the month has a 5th Wednesday
The next time you find yourself saying “someone” should do…. Stop and ask yourself. What if you were that someone? 
What will you do to get in the position where you can create real change?  

Coaching sessions coming up:  

10/7/2020: How to Dump Your Bad Real Estate! (Real Estate Accountant in a Box) 

10/14/2020: The Psychology of Pricing (Sustainable Digital Empires Virtual Services) 

10/21/2020: What Does Your Business Really Need? (Instant MBA Business Advisor)  

10/28/2020: Create Raving Fans Without Giving Away the Store (Sustainable Digital Empires Virtual Services) 

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