Precession: Why Life (and Money) Happens at Right Angles

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There is a reason why so many business coaches of a certain age talk reference Buckminster Fuller.

If you don’t know who he is, Google him. He was a brilliant scientist who also worked to changing the way we live. He had many brilliant theories for entrepreneurs, too.

One of his insights is something called precession. I’m going to quickly explain this and then tell you the story of one of my clients who started making money in a completely unexpected way. It demonstrates precession.

What is precession?

It’s best explained by looking at nature. Have you ever watched a rain drop fall into the puddle? The force comes straight down, but the ripples happen at right angles. The energy is down and the effect is sideways. That’s called precession.

In business, precession happens when you are focusing your business in once direction and then something else happens. Sometimes it is planned.

For years, one of the worst kept business secrets was what business McDonalds was in. What is their business? Selling hamburgers? No. Their business is actually real estate. Lately, the hamburger business is declining and if it all goes away, are they done? No. They’ve amassed a huge portfolio of real estate.

The business success story I want to share today is about one of my clients who has a website that is a special niche. They make okay income with the site. And then the owner went to a seminar about SEO and he hired a pro. He learned the things he was doing wrong and what he needed to do.

And he also put one ad on the front page of his website.

Last year, he made $140,000 from that one ad. It didn’t cost a dime because it was something added to his regular business.

He has plenty of things he can do to make it even bigger.

What other things could your business be doing to expand into other areas?

If you don’t have a business, start one.

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