Prosper During Desperate Times

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There is a saying that the best time to make money is when there is blood in the streets. But what if some of that blood is yours? You are still building your own financial fortress, or you’re like 50% of Americans who have less than $1,000 saved at the current time.

The financial crisis could be personal (you get downsized or have to close your small business), national (the country has runaway inflation, increased tax rates or can’t continue to borrow to support their expenditures) or global (the worst case of all because everyone will be suffering).

If the government stopped spending on EVERYTHING tomorrow and applied their entire spending budget on retiring the debt, it would take 10 years to pay it off. And they are far from stopping spending. In fact they are actually increasing it. The deficit is approaching a size that is bigger than the GDP. (If you don’t know what that means or why it’s important, please watch the documentary “Power of Zero” on Amazon)

I want to give you a glimmer of hope here.

You can not only survive, but PROSPER during a financial crisis if you’re prepared.

Some of the strongest and biggest businesses were built during economic downturns. It makes sense. The cost of resources goes down. So you have less risk as you’re building out your business.

There is one industry that kicks serious booty during recessions or depressions.

It’s all about timing and being ready. Get your plan together and learn the process by taking baby steps you need to learn how to get ready for that.

I want to get the word out. Why? Face it, I make my money when my clients do. The more they make, the more they need someone like me. I WANT you to be successful and right now that means helping you create your own action plan to survive.

On Monday, 5/27/19, I’m going to be posting action steps and various discussion points that have to do with the “Power of Zero. This documentary (Power of Zero) is available for rent on Amazon for $3.99/$4.99. Then on Monday, I’ll begin posting in the group . You will need to be a member of the group to comment or ask questions.

To join, go to the link above and click “join” and you should be added within the next two days. In other words, do it today!

I hope to see on Facebook!

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