Real Estate Investors Can Get in on the R & D Tax Credit Bonanza

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One of the questions I’m getting about the brand-new course, “R & D Tax Credits: A DIY Guide to Putting More Money in Your Pocket” has to do with how real estate investors can qualify for R & D tax credits.  

When can real estate investors get in on the R & D tax credit bonanza?  

Right now, if the circumstances are right.  

Remember that in order to get the R & D tax credit, you need to try something out that’s new for you. It doesn’t have to be new for the industry, just new for your business.  

You need to test it and above all else, document the plan you followed and your results.  

Then you get a bunch of tax credits that can be used to offset income taxes and even payroll taxes.  

Here are some ideas of how a real estate investor may be able to take advantage of these tax credits:  

Using alternative materials 

Design a unique structure 

Design a green building 

Develop a structural or foundation system to meet your unique conditions 

Engineer a system to improve heating efficiencyimprove power efficiency of lighting,  

Develop improved HVAC, electrical, sanitary or waste water systems 

My husband developed a grey water system this past year. Guess what? Tax credit! (Plus, the landscaping is getting watered for free and it’s an environmentally friendly change.)  

Join me during our next Wednesday Coaching session, Wednesday, 1/20/21 at 5 pm Pacific when we talk about R & D tax credits.  

P.S. Tax deductions reduce the amount of taxable income on your return. They’re good. But tax credits reduce the amount of taxes you pay dollar for dollar. That’s even better.  

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