How to Buy Cash-Flowing Real Estate in Chicago….Finally!

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By: Matt Bowles

Would you like to own cash flowing rental property in the world famous international city of Chicago?

You are not alone. With real estate prices at historic lows, savvy investors are swooping into many of the largest and most internationally recognized cities, to try and buy rental properties. The problem is that some of the largest metro areas in the US, like Chicago, did not experience the seismic crash that was seen in markets like Phoenix, Miami and Las Vegas. In fact, Chicago had a much smaller correction and has proved remarkably stable.

So, while Chicago remains a population and employment mega-center (home to 32 Fortune 500 companies), an international destination city, and a powerhouse rental market (over 50% of the population rents, compared with the national average of 33%), many investors have assumed the dream of owning cash-flowing rental properties in Chicago would have to remain a dream….until now.

My company, Maverick Investor Group, provides private access to turn-key rental properties in ‘investor-advantaged’ markets at special prices and terms not available to the public. We host private buying opportunities for our invitation-only community of real estate investors and we are now featuring single family homes in hand-picked Chicago-area neighborhoods with an average purchase price of $140,000 and an average rent of $1,600/month. All properties have recently been completely “re-developed”–making the houses comparable to a newly built home in terms of convenience features, energy efficiency, finishes and design appearance.

All properties have tenants in place on a lease-with-option-to-buy the property at 20K-30K over what you pay for it. A preferred property management option is already in place so you can comfortably invest out of state without the hassles of land lording. And a discounted insurance rate is also available to you, which brings the average Cap Rate to about 8% if you assume a 7% vacancy rate and a 4% monthly maintenance estimate. But it gets better with extra special terms for Maverick Buyers Only:

  • The seller is providing a two year “Maintenance Guarantee” where the seller pays for 100% of repairs for 24 months.
  • The preferred property management company is providing a 2 year “Rental Guarantee” where they will cover any vacancy for 24 months, and they are also offering a low $85/month flat rate management fee if you use their company.

This type of turn-key buying opportunity in the Chicago market is exceptionally rare and has been thought by many to be impossible. Diane has asked that I pull back our curtain of secrecy a little and give her clients access to this deal, which I have agreed to do. You can get in on the action by clicking here:

Remember, this is an invitation-only buying opportunity, so in order to reserve a property you must use the Deal Code “Diane Kennedy”.

Matt Bowles is one of the managing partners of Maverick Investor Group, LLC, a licensed real estate brokerage in the state of Nevada. 6370 W. Flamingo Rd., Suite 14-M, Las Vegas, NV 89013

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