Where are the Best Deals in Today’s Real Estate Market?

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Over 500 people agreed to take an hour out of their Saturday this past weekend to talk about real estate today. We’re working out a few kinks right now and should have the video of the webinar up on the Insider’s Club by mid-week.

Here are some of the ah-ha’s that I had from the webinar with Matt Bowles:

  • One of the mistakes that people are making in this market is trying to stick to the do-it-yourself model. It might have been necessary to trade work to build equity in the old real estate boom, but not anymore. There are cash-flowing properties all over the place.
  • Just because there are deals, doesn’t mean every place is a deal. Most deals won’t be in your backyard.
  • If you want passive income, concentrate on a market with 40% or more renters.
  • Pay attention to the subdivisions you buy into. Is the HOA solvent?
  • There are two strategies for cash flow investing: Investing in cashflow-advantaged markets and Investing in tax-advantaged markets. Make sure you know which one is right for you.
  • Many of the big investor pools are concentrating on single family residences, rather than multi-units.
  • The general plan from many big investors is to come in and buy now, cash flow for 5-7 years and then liquidate.
  • You can never sell at the absolute top and buy at the absolute bottom. But, you can get the general trend to boost your investment.

Make sure you check out the Insider’s Club later this week to go through this highly energetic presentation. We had to finally cut it off, even though there were over 40 questions still left.

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