Taxmaggedon 2018: Does this new tax plan really mean the end?

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There has been a lot of fear about the new tax plan. Without a doubt, it will mean more taxes for some people and some tax savings for others.

It’s not a case of rich versus poor. It’s a case of business owner and real estate investor versus those who own neither a business nor real estate.

In my new book, due out the first of February, we’re going to look at specific strategies you can use to put money in your pocket from the 2018 tax plan.

The sooner you can implement those strategies, the better. This will be a huge departure from how many people plan for taxes. Itemized deductions are largely gone. And yet huge loopholes, that anyone can use are there.

Will 2018 be the year you take charge of your own financial future, starting with the amount of tax you pay?

Look for more information on my new book this next month, “Taxmaggedon 2018: Use the new tax plan to put money in your pocket.

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