Tell Me Again Why You Are Still Paying Taxes

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There are a lot of reasons to pay your taxes. Probably the biggest reason is so you don’t go to jail. But for social causes? Is the government really doing a good job with your money? Here are some recent cases reports from a number of different agencies regarding how effectively they’re spending your hard-earned money.

One problem that seems to always surface is so called pork barrel spending these are provisions to spending bills to direct funds to very specific recipients. They usually go to lobbying interests within a lawmaker’s district. In 2018, the total porkbarrel spending was $14.8 billion. This number was doubled from what it was in 2017.

Defense spending is always a big deal. The Army Chief of Staff general Raymond Odierno told Congress in 2012 that the nation had more than enough tanks. And yet there are still 2000 tanks sitting unused in the California desert. And $593 million was still allocated for new tanks in 2018.

Over the past two years the Air Force has spent more than $325,000 on 391 fragile self reheating coffee mugs. Each mug cost an average of $836. The Air Force later found it could 3-D print replacement parts at a cost of $.50 each.

The Department of Transportation has what’s called a TIGER department. That stands for Transportation Investments Generating Economic Recovery. In one case it granted $47 million to an Atlanta street car development that cost three times as much as was projected and only created a quarter of the jobs projected. In 2018, a bridge in Florida that was funded with $11.4 million in TIGER grants collapsed two weeks later.Congress then tripled TIGER’s funding and in a $1.3 trillion spending bill.

The federal government allocated funds for research studies. In 2015, two students from the University of Washington received 1.3 million grant to study how foam cup holders kept beer cold in hot weather.

The government owns approximately 77,000 empty or underutilized buildings across the country. Even though they may be empty, the maintenance costs still add up. The Office of Management and Budget estimates those empty buildings cost $1.7 billion per year to maintain.

The government accountability office (GAO) found that the federal government paid a total of $3.1 billion from 2014 to 2016 for employees placed on administrative leave. In some cases, the leave makes sense such as for personal matters. However, employees also received paid administrative leave when there were security concerns, criminal matters and accusations of criminal misconduct.

So, my question to you is: Why are you paying taxes? You can change the way you make money and control when and how much you pay in taxes.

These tax breaks aren’t just for the rich. They are for everyone, it’s just that the rich tend to know what to do to take advantage of them. The rich make their money differently than most others. You can get mad or you can take advantage of them yourself. All just need a new plan and legal tax-saving strategies that work.

That’s what I’m dedicated to doing at US TaxAid. I want to tell you where those legal tax breaks are,so you get your fair share.

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