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The First Thing to Do If the IRS Contacts You

Written by Diane Kennedy, CPA on March 14, 2020

You get the dreaded letter from the IRS. It seems to show up on Friday, so you have to sit on it for a few days before you can call your CPA. That’s plenty of time to worry, which is NOT what you want to do.

The other thing you don’t want to do is immediately call the IRS. It’s tempting. After all, you’re innocent and all you have to do is convince the auditor.

That’s not how this works.

The auditor is hoping you’re nervous and that you call them to try to convince them of your innocence. Just maybe you’ll do the ultimate stupid thing. Confess all your transgressions in hope that the auditor will then somehow absolve you.

Nope. The more you say now, the worse it is for you.

The best thing is to have a qualified and experienced tax pro make that call for you. At the very least, you need a strategy going into this. Know what to say and what not to say.

If we can help, give us a call! Richard is at 775-589-2085

If you get a state audit letter, it may seem that they’re really just looking for one thing, but it somehow, magically, the inquiry expands into a completely different type of audit.

A sales tax audit turns into a state income tax audit and then the IRS gets involved. That the trifecta of tax nightmares.

Avoid it!

It all has to do with that very first phone call. Strategy first, and then the phone call.

We’re going to cover that and more in the Wednesday, March 18, 2020 coaching call. They are always at 5 pm Pacific. If you’re a year-round tax client, coaching is included, free of charge. Contact Us to get your access.

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The March 18th Home Study Course is all about how to survive a tax audit of your business. We include the nuts and bolts both for federal and state audits, including how to contain an audit, where to allow your auditor to go and what you should NEVER allow them to do. Our advice is based on decades of successfully handling our client’saudits.

Strategies that work. Even if you don’t have an audit now, this Home Study Course is something you’ll want to have in your library in case you get that dreaded audit letter.

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Want some more stories about what can go wrong? Here’s how we handled an audit where the auditor was being insanely stupid. And how it turned into a no change audit for our client.

If you receive an audit notice, call us. We can help. Richard is at 775-589-2085.

Don’t let fear of the IRS stop you from growing your business or using smart tax strategies. If you get an audit notice (and that is a big IF), make sure your team knows how to best handle it and what it means to have a good audit strategy.

It starts with a comprehensive Home Study Course like we covered on 3/6/2020. This is the info you need to know if you want to keep your hard-earned money. If you missed it, it is part of the past 3 months of Home Study Courses you get when you sign up.

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