The Questions You Need to Ask About Your Online Business (From a CPA)

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First of all, let me be clear. I’m not a Debbie Downer when it comes to your business.

I want to be your biggest cheerleader.

But I’m also going to tell you the truth.

If it’s not going to work, I’m going to tell you.

If it’s going to be hard, I’m going to tell you.

If it’s risky, I’m going to tell you.

If there’s a better way to make it simpler, faster, and more profitable, I’m going to tell you.

I personally like list-based online businesses. I started that model 19 years ago and, in that time, have made millions of dollars from that list, with complete freedom. Where, when, how I want to work.

19 years. That’s a long time.

And in part of that time, I was in a wheelchair. I underwent chemo. I was sick for days and weeks at a time. But the business kept on.

I believe in list-based businesses.

Let’s stop right there.

It isn’t just a case of starting a Facebook group and waiting for the money to roll in. It isn’t just a strategy to start an Aweber account or Mailchimp or a program on whatever email program you are using.

A list-based business is still a business.

You need customers.

You have to sell a service or a product.

You have to fulfill those orders.

You need to have money at the end of each sale (sales price is greater than the cost of goods + cost of labor + cost of capital + general & administrative costs).

You need to watch the bottom-line.

You need to watch the topline.

And you need to be flexible. Oh, so flexible.

In fact, it’s not survival of the fittest anymore in business. It’s survival of the most flexible.

The market is changing. Commerce is changing.

How you pay, what you charge, who your customers are, who your vendors are, how you fulfill, how you reach customers…all of that is changing.

Building a list is great. But before you start that, I’m going to ask you WHO is in your target market and what problem of theirs you’re going to solve in a way that gives them something they want or need at an attractive price and still provides a profit for you after all expenses.

If you don’t know that answer, you don’t have a business….yet.

Figure that out and then the rest can fall into place.

That’s what I’m teaching in a FREE business only webinar that is all about building a list-based business.

If you’re starting a business,

If you’re changing your business,

If you’re taking your service business online,

If you’re selling your regular products online or

You need a list.

This webinar will show you how to build a list, how to grow it, how to do the technical part of it and how to find the right products and services to sell to your list.

Mark your calendar for June 1, 2019. It’ll be at 10 AM Pacific. Information to come out soon so you can get signed in right away and claim your seat.

There will only be 100 seats for this free webinar. It will be first come, first served for the webinar. So, when you see that email, sign up right away!

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