Unsuccessful Sales People Never Learn This Lesson

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This happens at least a half dozen times between 12/1 and 4/15. It’s already begun this year.  

And, no, I’m not talking about tax season.  

Instead it’s sales people/would be entrepreneurs who want to help me make money.  

This is how the last pitch went:  

Would be marketer: I have a great plan for your business. Work twice as hard and make half as much and then give me half! (Yes, that math is right. Work twice as hard and make 25% of what you normally make)  

Not interested? You’re a loser.  

The reason why it happens during 12/1 – 4/15 is because that’s when a LOT of people are looking for a CPA. And since I’m a CPA with a tax practice and other CPAs in my business, I can provide the service people want.  

So, they reason, they can tap into an anxious market who is looking for a CPA. And voila! There’s a deal.  

All that’s left is for me and my firm to agree to do the work for less than we normally get paid and then send a big chunk of the profit to the marketer who brought the clients in.  

In other words, get paid less and then give some of the smaller profit to the guy who brought in the clients. 
The problem with the scheme is that we usually have more inquiries than we can handle anyway.  

So it’s a nonstarter.  

And that’s not just for me, it’s happens to pretty much every CPA out there during tax season.  

The Problem With Marketing What You Want to Sell 

It all comes down to the problem with trying to market what you want to sell.  

If you are making it all about you and you’re not paying attention to what your prospect wants, then it’s much less likely that you’re going to make a sale.  

In this case, the promoter is trying to sell me something. That something is a prospect who wants to pay less than going rates and the promoter is trying to also sell me on the idea that I should pay him for that prospect. 
Marketing Starts With Your Prospect 

Marketing isn’t about selling someone.  

Marketing is about listening and leading. Listen to what your prospect wants and then lead him or her to solutions that will give the desired results.  

What is it that Your Customer Avatar’s Wants and Needs 

You could ask every single person you meet what they want or need, or you could use a customer avatar.  A customer avatar is a representation of your market. As part of my Sustainable Digital Empires course, we go through an intensive processing regarding building your customer avatar. 
Once you identify your customer avatar, you can ask yourself the important questions: 
Is this product or service something that will make his or her life better?
Is it something that he or she wants or needs?
That’s how you create a lasting relationship that is more than just one sale.  

As a Business Owner, This is Your Biggest Problem 

If you have a business, your biggest challenge will not be lack of opportunities. It will be CHOKING on opportunities. One of the best skills you can have will be the ability to quickly assess whether something is good for you or your business.  

In my CPA practice, I had to look at whether a possible venture made financial sense. Did it help my business? 
I know my customer avatar. Would these prospects be in line with that? If they aren’t, then the services and products I’ve designed to meet their wants and needs simply won’t fit.
At that point, I’m changing my business to try to meet a market segment.  

If it’s one I don’t really want, then I’m diluting my business. 
The business provides services and products that meet 3 criteria: Something I want to do,  Something that meets the wants & needs of my avatar, and Something the marketplace is going to pay for. 
If any of those things doesn’t click, then I’m diluting my brand message and ultimately either my happiness or the business profitability will suffer. Most likely both.  

If it doesn’t tick those boxes, hard pass. Don’t waste your time.  

The promoter called me a loser for not wanting the deal. 

If that happens to you, remember one thing.  

You’re not the loser.  

The loser is the marketer is someone who can’t make a sale because he or she has failed to first determine what his client wants or needs. 
Your business is stronger when you focus. Keep your focus.  

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