What Does Your Business Need Now?

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Over the past years as a CPA, I’ve had the unique privilege to work with some of the wealthiest and smartest people I’ve ever met.  I’ve known people who contributed millions to charities and causes they care deeply about, people who have transformed blighted neighborhoods, provided thousands of jobs and even two separate business owners who had an idea and took it to a 9 figure a year (yeah, that means hundred million+) business. Each of them, in separate businesses who didn’t even know each other, did that from zero to 9 figures in less than 10 years.

Others have reached a point where they know there is something more. As they get older and slow down a little, they still want to be active and doing something but realize they don’t need or want to do the same things anymore.

And there are people who have good jobs now, but don’t know how much longer that’s going to last. When is the time to pull the trigger on starting some kind of side business to get the learning curve behind them for that time when the slow down happens and they lose their jobs?

And there are some who just know there is something better that is possible but aren’t quite getting there. Something always seems to come up.

What is your bigger dream? What do you need right now to get there?

An actionable plan? New ideas? New team? Maybe an outside expert looking in to spot your unique opportunities and risks. Or maybe some accountability to keep you focused on the critical path items.

I have a unique offer that doesn’t come up very often. If it works for you, Contact Us.

Here’s the deal.

I’m opening up my private clients to a couple more people. You get all the regular benefits of being a year-round client of US TaxAid Services.  That’s unlimited email consultation, year-end tax planning and the preparation of a business and personal tax return. Plus, you have free access to the twice monthly coaching and Pop-Up calls.

And then, you and I will regularly talk. Our first few meetings will be more like a regular consultation. We’ll look at where you want to be, when you want to get there and how you’re currently working toward it. What can we do, together, to supercharge that plan? Get you there quicker and with a more certain outcome?

Obviously, we’ll talk about tax savings. If you think about it, tax is a drag on your own wealth-creation system.

In the right circumstances, almost every single thing you spend money on could be a deduction.

If you or your spouse became a real estate professional, you never have to pay tax again.

Those are just a few of the things we can talk about to make sure you’re maximizing what you make. But then we’re going to look at the nitty gritty. What unused assets do you have sitting around? How do you make sure they’re working as hard for you as you are for them?

No more expenses.  Just investments.  And investments mean they give you a payback.

One phone call with a client discovered an under-used asset that transformed to an immediate payback of over $30,000 and then recurring income of almost $5,000 per month. That’s just ONE thing. How many of those do you have lying around?

Here’s what a few of my clients have had to say about working with me and the US TaxAid Services team:

“I am absolutely floored by Diane Kennedy’s breadth of experience when it comes to the entirely too complicated US tax code! She has reduced my business tax bill by MILES and has actually, somehow gotten us a refund!  For the record, our international business turns over $80 million annually! She is very responsive to all of my queries and is just an absolute pleasure to work with. I really don’t know what we would do without her and her team.”

“Diane, you have made and saved me tons of money over the last 5 years!”

“You challenged me today, supported my dream and helped me move forward.”

What does it take to be part of this?

First of all, it’s not cheap. If price is your primary concern, we are not your best option.

And if there isn’t going to be a great ROI (return on investment) for you, I don’t want to take your money.

There is a process. If you’re interested, Contact Us.  We will talk to you about the program and see, in a first pass, whether it might be a good fit for you. If it’s not, we don’t want to waste your time or money.

The next step is that you and I talk. I’m focused on the return for you. Is this going to be worth your time and money? I want to add value to you, not just take your money.

What dreams do you have now?  If you have an idea of where you want to be, even if you’re not quite sure right now and a plan of how to get there, call us 888-592-4769. If you have a plan but it’s not quite working out like you thought or it seems to be slow, definitely call us. We specialize in “unsticking” business and real estate investment plans. And if you are worried about the future, let’s talk about that too. What can you do right now to secure where you are and if the economy or your industry change, how can you be protected? Give us a call.

Make sure you keep watch on the blogs at USTaxAid.com in the coming weeks. We have some interesting stories we’re developing.

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