What Will Taxmageddon Mean to You?

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I remember huddling around the teletype machine, a giant noisy dot matrix, just before Christmas 1985. The new tax bill was coming and it was going to be earth shattering.

As it came off the printer, the tax manager at the CPA firm divided up sections and handed them off to the tax specialists at the big firm. I got trusts which didn’t have a lot of big changes. The assigned S Corporation group moaned. It called for a dramatic change from the way we were used to planning for taxes.

A few partners decided to not learn the new tax law and instead opted for a lesser role in the firm. They were ready to retire.

We survived the 1986 Tax Reform Act. We’ll survive the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act also known as the Trump Tax Plan. Already, there are loopholes galore for people who are willing to do a few things differently than they have in the past.

Taxmageddon 2018 looks at the massive tax changes that have occurred with the new Tax Act. But it’s more than just deciphering the changes, you’ll learn 95 strategies you can put in place right now to prepare you for less taxes and more control.

Let me be really clear.

The new Tax Act is a change. It’s not the end. In fact, a lot of people are calling this change Armaggedon. You know, like the end. But it’s not really. It’s Taxmageddon, the end of one system and the beginning of another.

What will Taxmageddon mean for you?

A lot will depend on when you’re reading this. If you are one of those who jump in early, ready to embrace the changes, you’re likely to have a great result. If you’re reading this a year after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act went into effect, then you’ve probably already seen that tax planning isn’t like it used to be. It’s not the end. It’s just a change.

Just imagine. Once you have the tools to understand exactly what Taxmageddon will mean for you in your current situation, you can determine when and how much you’ll pay in taxes.

Will you have to do something differently? Sure. Nothing ever changes unless you first change what you do. And that all starts with changing how you view taxes.

All it takes is one change to make a big difference in the tax you pay. Imagine what you could do with the money you save. Invest it. Build a business. Change the future for your family and your community.

It all starts with change. And this book can help you create a roadmap for your change.

One more thing, don’t forget to register your book. You will find the information you need to do that in Chapter 16. Once you’ve registered your book, you’ll be able to join our private forum to discuss the hot new strategies with the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

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