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Dr. S was at the absolute top of his field. He made a lot of money as a very specialized surgeon. The safety of his patients was of upmost concern to him and he wasn’t happy with some of the surgical instruments that were currently used.

So, he invented his own. He built out a prototype, got approval and a patent.

He was just beginning to license it when he had his first consultation with me. Although he didn’t bring it up, I knew that there was a pretty good chance that he had R & D tax credits coming.

These particular tax credits meant he got a tax deduction PLUS a tax credit that directly reduced the amount of taxes he paid.

The shocking thing to him was that he didn’t even need to finish the patent. He actually could have had tax credits for years before.

The good news was that we could amend his past couple of years returns and get him a refund.

But it’s not just people who actually invent something and get a patent who can get R & D tax credits. Most businesses have something that can qualify for R & D tax credits.

That’s why we spend a whole coaching session just on that topic, plus there is a complete Home Study Course about how and when to take the tax credit. Plus, more importantly what you need to do to KEEP the credit in case the IRS ever asks. (And bonus! All the states that also will give you a tax credit for them too!)

In Dr. S’s case, it was pretty obvious that there were some tax breaks he’d missed out on. Sometimes, though, it isn’t that obvious.

That’s why I began the coaching program. Taxpayers don’t know what they need to track for tax breaks like this. And CPAs don’t know to tell their clients because they’re not involved in the day-to-day work.

The missed connection means YOU pay a lot more in taxes.

What you don’t know, can cost you big time.

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Is the coaching program right for you? These are just some of the people who love the coaching program and have been part of it for years:

  • Busy CPAs and EAs who have clients who keep them busy. They need a quick and easy way to get information on latest strategies, along with the “how to” steps they can pass on to their clients.
  • Taxpayers who realize they don’t know what they don’t know. What do they need to tell their CPA so they pay less tax?
  • Business owners who need a weekly session that is upbeat and positive with strategies that provide more cash flow, more business value, and big tax savings.
  • A do-it-yourself taxpayer who has questions about strategy and is looking for the most economical way to get answers to their personal situation while they file their own returns.
  • Real estate investors who are looking for the best strategies to reduce taxes without getting unwanted IRS attention.
  • Anyone who wants to protect their assets as they increase their business or real estate investments.

Diane Kennedy, CPA

  • New York Times® bestselling author, blowing the lid off tax loopholes the rich use
  • Nevada “Entrepreneur of the Year”
  • Online for 21 years with multiple successful businesses
  • Full-service tax practice for 29 years, completely virtual the last 14 years

Aloha! I have been so grateful for Diane Kennedy’s assistance over the years! Her blog posts and weekly videos, both free, are AMAZING and so helpful, but particularly this past year with all of the overload of information on stimulus programs like the PPP and EIDL. We have utilized her info for guidance in both real estate and business. About a year ago, we also joined the monthly coaching program and the assistance there is honestly incredible and so worthwhile. We are small business owners and mom & pop landlords who are in the process of completing our first 1031 exchange. My husband wants to write a nonfiction book, which Diane has also addressed recently in the coaching information. Her content has even been helpful as we figure out how we can involve our oldest daughter in our small business and pay her in a way that is advantageous to her as well as to us in the business. Thanks Diane, for all you do!

Amy Bridan


What is coaching?

Coaching is an online group program. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday, with periodic bonus sections on the 2nd and 4th. The 2023 schedule is:

1st Wednesday:  Real estate coaching class, 5 pm Pacific
2nd Wednesday: Tax-Busting Strategies, 5 pm Pacific
3rd Wednesday:  Business coaching class, 5 pm Pacific
4th Wednesday:  Catch Up & Update!, 5 pm Pacific

There will be a Home Study Course (ranging from 25 – 50 pages) uploaded on Wednesday morning ahead of the class. Questions can be asked via email to or asked live during the Zoom calls.

The sessions will be recorded and the audio recording is uploaded by Friday of that week.

The coaching sessions are designed to provide education and step-by-step strategies on how to implement them.

Protect What You’re Building from the Tax Man and Frivolous Lawsuits!
The real estate coaching class is primarily focused on how to save on taxes, increase cash flow, understanding your returns and financial statements and how to protect your assets.

Double Your Income and Double Your Time Off
Business coaching is focused on saving taxes, maximizing all 4 types of income, using systems to increase your time off, increasing business value and developing an end game.

Create a Business That Works When and How You Want
The bonus sessions available in 2022 focus on one thing – getting your online business massively profitable and with real value that you can sell in 3-5 years. That is, if you want to sell. Maybe the idea of semi-passive income that shows up every day is more compelling.

ALL of this is available when you join Coaching today!

He didn’t even know this was possible!

If you don’t know what to ask your CPA, you won’t ask. If your CPA doesn’t know what to tell you, she won’t tell you.

But it’s more than just knowing to ask the right question. It’s a case of being informed so you can strategize before you buy a business or sell one, before you start a new project.

This is also the most affordable way to get personalized attention.

The classes are always at 5 pm Pacific on a Wednesday. If you can’t make the session live, the sessions are recorded and available a few days later. Most include Home Study Courses. You can ask your questions live or send them in via email.

My first consultation with a real estate investor showed that he had some big repairs on a commercial property. His CPA had recorded all of the repairs as improvements so that he had to then depreciate the assets over 39 years. That meant very little deductions and he had to pay tax.

On the surface, that seemed right. But then I asked him a question that shocked him.

In fact, if he’d known about this before he filed his tax return, he would have saved thousands of dollars.

The question had to do with invoices. If an invoice for products or services is less than $2,500, the amount can be immediately expensed. That means bigger deductions.

The CPA got the total, but not the details. The client didn’t know to give the details to the CPA.

It’s just one more case of what you don’t know can cost you big time.

That’s why coaching exists. To teach you what you need to know about taxes.

When you join, the past 3 months of sessions are available. When you join today by going to JOIN NOW, you will have immediate access to:

  • September 20th - Employee Benefits you can use for your business
  • September 13th - The Secrets the Rich Use to Pay Less Tax
  • September 6th - Build Wealth & Cash Flow with Your Real Estate
  • August 23rd - August Tax Update
  • August 16th - New Rules for Independent Contractor Status
  • August 9th - Family Tax-Busting Strategies
  • August 2nd - Protecting Your Real Estate
  • July 26th - July has been a crazy month for taxes. Are you up-to-date?
  • July 19th - Good partner, bad partner. Stories you won't believe
  • July 12th - The IRS is coming after crypto. What you need to know now
  • July 5th - If You Don't track Your Expenses, You Don't Get The Deduction
  • June 28th - June Tax Update

Coaching is $99/month. No long-term commitments.

What do you have to risk? Sign up today and start saving on taxes, building value, pumping up cash flow and protecting your assets!



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