Do NOT try to do this yourself!

Congress has handed us a massive Tax Act with over 1,000 pages of changes that will impact almost every aspect of your tax planning.

And now the IRS is interpreting it into Announcements, Tax Code and Regulations. Sometimes they don’t agree with Congress. Unless you are spending hours every day studying all of this, you won’t have the latest information.

Don’t be the guy who discovers this next April that he should have done something different the year before. NOW is the time to put new tax strategies in place.

Diane Kennedy CPA

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On the first and third Wednesday of each month at 5 pm Pacific, I run a live coaching session focusing on critical subjects facing businesses, business owners and real estate investors.

What is the best business structure for you right now?

How will the new laws regarding depreciation impact you?

Is it time to consider a C Corporation?

And, perhaps the biggest of all, what are you going to do now that most of your itemized deductions are no longer allowed?

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June 2021 Coaching Sessions:

Wed, 6/2/2021

101 Real Estate Loopholes Real estate provides some unique tax breaks. In this fast paced home study course and coaching session, we’re going to cover 100 tax busting strategies. All you need is one to make a difference in your taxes.

Wed, 6/9/2021

Sustainable Digital Empires – Your eCommerce Business Lesson #9: Watch Your Numbers There is one thing that separates a small time operator from a success business. Stats. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your business small, but don’t doom your business to small profits too. In this lesson we’re going to study KPI (key performance indicators) specifically for eCommerce businesses. This is critical if you plan to run paid advertising and/or sell across multiple channels.

Wed, 6/16/2021

Winning the Independent Contractor Argument UPDATED for the new ABC test used in most states and the District of Columbia. It’s harder than ever to prove Independent Contractors and it varies by state. We’ll go through the specific states suggested in advance by our coaching students and review what you need to do to prove you have an IC. PLUS redo your Independent Contractor Agreements! (ICA) The new template included with the course has been updated for the law change.

Wed, 6/23/2021

Sustainable Digital Empires – eCommerce Businesses Lesson #10 In this once-in-a-lifetime workshop, Diane will share the secrets to getting a book written. For all coaching members who get started writing, she’ll later share her secrets to becoming a best selling author and maximizing the press you’ll get as a successful author

In 2017, I became an Enrolled Agent(EA), considered one of America’s Tax Experts. However, the one thing I learned becoming an EA is how much we don’t know and being one of America’s Tax Experts you have to constantly keep learning. I search everywhere for the best opportunities to learn more about business and real estate taxation. I wanted the most current and updated information so I can provide the best level of service to my clients. When I learned that Diane Kennedy had a twice a month coaching program that gives you the most updated information about the niche I service. This was a no-brainer! Twice a month I get access to one of America’s top author and expert on business and real estate tax topics. If you are on the fence about signing up for coaching. You need to hop off and join!

C Samaniego, California

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