Do NOT try to do this yourself!

Congress has handed us a massive Tax Act with over 1,000 pages of changes that will impact almost every aspect of your tax planning.

And now the IRS is interpreting it into Announcements, Tax Code and Regulations. Sometimes they don’t agree with Congress. Unless you are spending hours every day studying all of this, you won’t have the latest information.

Don’t be the guy who discovers this next April that he should have done something different the year before. NOW is the time to put new tax strategies in place.

Diane Kennedy CPA

Live Coaching 1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 5 pm Pacific.

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On the first and third Wednesday of each month at 5 pm Pacific, I run a live coaching session focusing on critical subjects facing businesses, business owners and real estate investors.

What is the best business structure for you right now?

How will the new laws regarding depreciation impact you?

Is it time to consider a C Corporation?

And, perhaps the biggest of all, what are you going to do now that most of your itemized deductions are no longer allowed?

When you sign up for coaching, you’ll get immediate access to coaching session recordings plus Home Study Courses (valued at more than $200 per month) for the past 3 months. That’s over $600 of value! PLUS you’ll be able to send in your questions to right away or just come to the next session with them.

The cost for all of this is just $99/month.

When you sign up today, you get immediate access to these coaching sessions:

Operation Guide for LLC with Real Estate Business
When is a real estate investment not an investment? When it’s a business! This Ops Guide walks you through the ins & outs of agreements and legal filings for an LLC that is a RE biz. Make sure you listen to the accompanying audio for more information on invest vs business.

Your First Year in Business
Whether it’s your first year in business, your first business, or a business you’ve had for years, there are basic decisions you need to make. This course is designed to be concise and cut to the chase. You don’t have time to waste!

Safely Use the Real Estate Professional Status
The most asked questions at USTaxAid have to do with Real Estate Professional status. It’s a huge tax benefit, but there are some pretty tricky rules. Here’s what to do and not to do.

What Does Your Business Really Need?
We always cover a lot of detailed “how to” information as part of Coaching. This Home Study Course is about context. What do you REALLY need to focus on? Learn how to decipher your stats.

Preparing a Quality Cost Segregation Study
A good quality cost segregation study can cost you $5,000 or more per each. But it could save you thousands (or tens of thousands) in taxes in the right circumstances. Here’s what the IRS wants to see if you do it yourself. Step-by-step checklists & template.

Flow-Through Businesses & the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act UPDATED 8/2018
Turn the confusing new business tax cuts into actionable steps! It’s newly updated by the August 2018 proposed Temporary Regulations. Make sure you have the most current information so you can make important decisions before you year end.

If you’re not sure yet if the coaching or a private one-on-one consultation is better for you, listen in on a recent session. This also came with a complete Home Study Course.

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