Do NOT try to do this yourself!

Congress has handed us a massive Tax Act with over 1,000 pages of changes that will impact almost every aspect of your tax planning.

And now the IRS is interpreting it into Announcements, Tax Code and Regulations. Sometimes they don’t agree with Congress. Unless you are spending hours every day studying all of this, you won’t have the latest information.

Don’t be the guy who discovers this next April that he should have done something different the year before. NOW is the time to put new tax strategies in place.

Diane Kennedy CPA

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On the first and third Wednesday of each month at 5 pm Pacific, I run a live coaching session focusing on critical subjects facing businesses, business owners and real estate investors.

What is the best business structure for you right now?

How will the new laws regarding depreciation impact you?

Is it time to consider a C Corporation?

And, perhaps the biggest of all, what are you going to do now that most of your itemized deductions are no longer allowed?

When you sign up for coaching, you’ll get immediate access to coaching session recordings plus Home Study Courses (valued at more than $200 per month) for the past 3 months. That’s over $600 of value! PLUS you’ll be able to send in your questions to right away or just come to the next session with them.

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When you sign up today, you get immediate access to these coaching sessions:

Real Estate Tax Strategies
Tax laws are confusing for real estate investors, especially with the massive changes from the Trump Tax Plan. This coaching session provided quick tips to navigate through all the info to find out what was most important for you and your own unique situation.

From Business to Real Estate
One of the common exit strategies for entrepreneurs is to retire with cash flow from real estate. The Trump Tax Plan changed some of those strategies. Here’s what to look out for!

Preparing a Quality Cost Segregation Study
Cost Segregation Studies have become even more important with the Trump Tax Plan. You may need one just in order to qualify for the 20% income deduction. Learn how to prepare one AND when you should.

Pop-Up Call
New Regulations for real estate investments: enterprise groups, separate books & records, 250 hours and contemporaneous records. Learn more!

The Best Business Structure With the Trump Tax Plan
The Trump Tax Plan changed a lot of things, especially went it comes to the best business structures. Here are the NEW good, bad and the ugly of business structure strategies. You may be very surprised at what’s good these days!

Pop-Up Call
There are 4 vital items that every biz owner with a flow-through entity needs to know: Are you taxed like an SSTB? What are your business W-2 wages, under the new Trump Tax Plan def? What is your “Unadjusted basis upon acq”? What is your QBI? Learn more!

Trump Tax Plan Strategies for Real Estate Investors
The new 20% income deduction is huge for real estate investors! Here are 20 strategies that can make sure you’re taking advantage of the best part of the Trump Tax Plan for your investments.

Pop-Up Call
Snapshot of 2018 year-end planning. The 3 questions you need to answer now. And I took your questions:

#1 If I want to open a corporation pension now, can I wait to fund it when I file my tax return?

#2 I am building out an e-commerce site. What type of business structure should I have now?

#3 I have rental properties in 3 states. Some are vacation rentals and some are long term rentals. What type of structures should I use?

What questions do you have?

Trump Tax Plan C Corp Strategies
C Corp strategies are brand new from the Trump Tax Plan. They are now accessible for everyone, no matter what type of business. There are a few possible traps, though, & those are discussed along with suggestions on how to maximize the money you save.

2018 Year End Tax Planning
Your normal year-end tax planning strategies may not work in 2018. The Trump Tax Plan changed a lot of things. Here’s a review of things to do and things to avoid.

In 2017, I became an Enrolled Agent(EA), considered one of America’s Tax Experts. However, the one thing I learned becoming an EA is how much we don’t know and being one of America’s Tax Experts you have to constantly keep learning. I search everywhere for the best opportunities to learn more about business and real estate taxation. I wanted the most current and updated information so I can provide the best level of service to my clients. When I learned that Diane Kennedy had a twice a month coaching program that gives you the most updated information about the niche I service. This was a no-brainer! Twice a month I get access to one of America’s top author and expert on business and real estate tax topics. If you are on the fence about signing up for coaching. You need to hop off and join!

C Samaniego, California

If you’re not sure yet if the coaching or a private one-on-one consultation is better for you, listen in on a recent session. This also came with a complete Home Study Course.

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