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As your CPA, I want 4 things for you:

  • Consistent cash flow from your business and real estate investments,
  • Maximum value for your business when you sell,
  • Way lower taxes, and
  • Protection on those assets you’re building.

Why are you paying so much to the IRS?

During your consultation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Safely take all your legal deductions,
  • Use the right business structures;
  • Practice smart income splitting,
  • Pay taxes when and how you want.

The country’s richest have teams of the best CPAs and tax attorneys to help them find all the tax breaks.

Why do the rich get all the breaks? That’s not fair!

That’s why I’ve devoted my career to helping small business owners and Mom & Pop landlords get all the same tax breaks.

Diane Kennedy, CPA

  • New York Times® bestselling author, blowing the lid off tax loopholes the rich use
  • Nevada “Entrepreneur of the Year”
  • Online for 21 years with multiple successful businesses
  • Full-service tax practice for 29 years, completely virtual the last 14 years

My tax consulting clients save, on average, $14,500 per year, each and every year, after just one consultation with me. That’s money you put in your pocket, not extra deductions. And that’s extra money every year.

The Three Stages of an Effective Tax Strategy

“What happened?” I asked my client, Steve, as we started to go over his tax information for tax preparation.

We had met earlier in the year and determined that he needed a dual corporation strategy. That means an S Corporation for his operating company and a C Corporation for a few specific tasks. He would end up saving about $30,000 per year in taxes with that strategy.

Now he was back with his paperwork and there was no tax savings.

That’s because he had set up the wrong type of business structures.

Steve was more concerned than upset by the turn of events. He didn’t get the savings this year and it would cost him more money to get the right structures in place.

The paralegal he’d talked to had told him he should never have a C Corporation and so he went with that advice. Unfortunately, it was the wrong advice for Steve.

Tax strategies are never “one size fits all. Steve’s legal advisor had obviously seen some people jump into C Corporations without proper planning. The problem was that Steve did have the planning and the strategy.

Without implementation, though, it was completely worthless.

Worse than worthless, it had created a mess that it would now take money and time to correct.

There are THREE stages to a success tax strategy. You need each stage.

Strategy Implementation Compliance

The consultation is just the first step in creating a solid strategy. That’s why we have such a unique offer for tax consultations.

Three Stage Tax Consultation ProcessSign Up for Consultation Now

NOTE: One-third of the consultation fee will apply to ongoing tax services through the
Three Stage Tax Consultation Process if you decide to move forward working with Diane Kennedy.

How the Consultation Process Works

Every one-on-one consultation is different. That’s because your goals and dreams are different from everyone else. Your circumstances are different.
I’ll ask you a lot of questions. That’s so I get a good sense of where you are now. And of course, I want to hear your questions. Together we create a strategy plan, step-by-step so that you can implement it as quickly and efficiently as possible.
We look at the cost/benefit ratio so you don’t spend a fortune setting up a complicated business entity structure that doesn’t give you enough value back. And we also look at risk/reward, to assess where your risks really are and what you can do about them.
And, of course, we’ll look at how you can pay less tax.
We’ll set up a Zoom call to review where you are and where you want to be. I’ll follow up the call with my notes and additional information, plus the next steps for you to take.

Plus, I’ll give you a list of changes you need to implement so you can hand that off to your legal and/or bookkeeping team.

At this point, you can either work with your own tax professionals or work directly with me as an ongoing tax client. Please note that the offer to work with me is limited. If you decide to move forward with that, a portion of the consultation fee is applicable to your monthly fee.

Click here for more information on our Three Stage Tax Saving System.

NOTE: If you have a few tax questions you’d like to ask and are not ready right now for a full comprehensive strategy, join our Wednesday Coaching program. It’s the most cost-efficient way to get an answer to your questions.

Please note: Since these are intensive, one on one sessions, there are a limited number of these available each month. If the spots are sold out for the current month, please check back at the first of the next month.

Don’t wait! They go fast!

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