More Money, Less Tax from Passive Real Estate

Real Estate Accountant in a Box:

Your guide to building and growing real estate passive income

It’s Sunday evening and you know what comes next. Monday.

You’ve seen your friends lose their jobs, one by one. You’ve seen the reports on TV and online. The times are changing, and your job may soon be gone.

You’re too young or broke to retire. You know a job like you have now isn’t going to come along again.

Now what?

Real estate. You’ve heard the stories, watched the shows and read about creating passive real estate income. Cash that shows up whether you work or not.

Instead of working hard for your money, your money will work hard for you.

But you soon find out there is more to it than just buying a property and waiting for the paydays to roll in.

In the beginning, you don’t know what you don’t know. Who can you trust? And once you find someone to ask, what do you ask them?

What if you had a real estate accountant with you every step of the way? Crunching numbers with you to determine if a purchase was right? Looking at returns on investments, strategizing how to maximize the return you’re getting, saving on taxes and protecting your assets with the right business structures?

If you had a trusted advisor, would that make you more confident in your decisions?

Let me tell you a story about a client who was able to really speed up his cash flow and free up his time by paying attention to the bottom line of real estate with the help of an experienced real estate accountant.

Matt and Terrie have two children, and both worked hard, living the California lifestyle with an expensive house, long hours and no time for themselves or their kids. They knew this wasn’t living, it was just running from one emergency to another.

Matt had a good paying job, but he knew if something happened to the tech company he worked for that he could be in for a rough patch with car payments and an expensive house mortgage. If something went wrong, they could lose it all. And it seemed like they were just treading water, never getting ahead.

As a family, they agreed to make some lifestyle changes so they could start building assets that paid them, instead of accruing liabilities that they worked so hard to support.

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Matt and Terrie shed some of the big-ticket items so they could buy their first property. Matt crunched the numbers on that first purchase with his accountant. That gave him the confidence to pull the trigger. He knew that it would create cash flow. From the income they made, they saved up to buy their next property. In quick succession, they bought their first four properties at the low FNMA low rates.

Now, it gets harder. But that was no surprise, they already had a plan in place because they worked closely with their accountant. They knew they had to have another plan in place when they couldn’t get the Fannie/Freddie loans anymore.

Tip #3 from Secret Strategies for Financing Your Real Estate: If you buy a small office item that could either be expensed as an immediate deduction or an asset that you depreciate, choose to call it an asset. This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what most people think. The Seven Secret Strategies for Financing Your Real Estate is a bonus when you are one of the first 10 people to invest in the Real Estate Accountant in a Box.

Once Matt and Terrie used up their Fannie/Freddie “easy” first 4 loans, they moved on to the next 6 (loans 5 – 10). They knew the difference in qualifying and were ready for the changes.

The next big financing step was with the 11th property. When it came time for that property, they were ready! By then they could get loans based on their personal qualifications as experienced real estate investors.

The only mistake that Matt made was that he had an 8-year plan. That’s how long he figured it would take to build up a real estate portfolio with enough cash flow so that he could quit his job.

Turns out he didn’t have 8 years.

Let’s stop there for a second.

How many years do you have before you can quit the day-to-day grind you currently have? When can you do JUST what you want, when you want? Take more time with your family, start a charity, travel, write a book, heck, even have the time to READ a book. When do you get to take the time you want for the life you want?

Do you have an 8-year plan?

And, what happens if you don’t have 8 years?

Matt didn’t have 8 years.

He didn’t need 8 years.

It just turns out that he hadn’t really taken into account the power he got when he had a team that understood real estate. And not just a few self-proclaimed experts but real experts who knew how to get loans, assess property, form the right business structure, maximize the cash flow and return and take advantage of all of the real estate strategies that meant more money in their pockets.

Sure, that kind of service cost them thousands of dollars per year, but he learned fast that hiring experts and gaining education wasn’t an expense. It was an investment.

And for him, the investment was time. He was out of the rat race in 3 years instead of 8 years.

For the first time, all of that information Matt needed is available to you in one place, with cutting edge strategies all designed to take advantage of the current programs and tax law to put more money in your pocket. This is the info that Matt paid thousands and thousands of dollars to receive. But you won’t. Here’s how.

Real Estate Accountant in a Box

The total value of the program, if you were to buy each piece, is over $2,200. Matt paid thousands more than that for the information, strategies and techniques that helped him quit his job and build a real estate cash-flowing empire.

You don’t have to pay that much.

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