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Advanced Tax Strategies for the Real Estate 20% Income Deduction


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Forget everything you’ve learned about real estate tax strategies! Since 2018, we’ve had a brand-new tax strategy that is completely opposite from what you and every other real estate investor has been trying to do.

In the past, the goal has been to reduce your taxable income to zero, or even better a paper tax loss. And then apply that tax loss to your other income.

That’s how you get cash flow, appreciation AND big tax write offs.

But what if it doesn’t work? Your income is too high to take the tax breaks, your property has almost run out of depreciation or you plan to sell the property and don’t want to have to pay tax on all the depreciation you’ve taken.

The new real estate 20% income deduction means you don’t decrease your income, but you have to do it the right away.

Know which deductions to always take and which ones to NOT take.

What must you do to make sure you get the 20% income deduction?

Learn how a business structure can make a big difference in the deduction.

Know when to use the 20% income deduction and when to maximize your tax paper loss.

There are new strategies, but fair warning. These are advanced tax strategies and you’ll need a guidebook to make sure you’re maximizing what’s available to you.

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